Jesus, Emperor Trump, & Anunnaki Human Semen Caviar

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Jesus, Emperor Trump, & Anunnaki Human Semen Caviar

Not Every Christian is a True Christian, Especially The Anunnaki Worshippers

Letter from Our Dedicated Reader DJ

From DJ,
Religious believers refuse to think, because if they do they'll be punished for thinking out of religion's pretend god's allowed permitted box, thus the war on science, on free-thinking, on intellect, on truth, on honesty, is why humanity is devolving and suiciding, is why the wars... Children are taught and conditioned that from elementary school throughout their lives.. The media is religion's voice... Democracy and the courts are religion's inquisitional enforcers... The cristian inquisition was religion crushing and destroying free-thinking... Free-thinkers are stifled and crushed... Extreme free-thinkers are murdered to prevent them from exposing religion's dead-ended hell-bound criminal cult's scam... I know of four kids whom the cathlic schools murdered in 1962 because they were budding scientists.. They were Too smart... Extreme thinkers are murdered globally by religion... Religion tried 67-times in my life to murder me, because I found the truth of the core of spirit science... I found ALL the truth... I know of three scientists religion murdered in my town... Religion is hell on earth... Religion dooms its believers to hell and extinction... Religion is why humanity is going extinct... Religion conditions, forces, and maintains humanity stupid and religion dependent... Religion is evil naziism... Religion is humanity's curse..  

To stop the global insanity and the wars eradicate religion... Religion is the hell it is pretending to be saving us from.. Lord Jesus knew that, is why the hell demons of religion murdered him... Religion is bullying Emperor Trump for the same reason... Religion is the zombie apocalypse... Religion is homosexuals... The anunnaki space dinosaurs who invaded our planet, and conquered us deem human semen to be prime caviar, is why there are so many male homosexuals, and why so many human females enjoy a mouthful of semen, and being splattered all over with the stuff... The anunnaki lizards possess human beings by instilling their spawn in our food... The anunnaki deem human semen to be prime caviar... The anunnaki are in process of turning humanity into their fodder... I saw two of those space dinosaurs with their shields down.. The anunnaki look like small t.rex's... Rome, India, most of Arabia, and the hundreds of subterranean towns and cities are the anunnaki space lizard's strongholds, each complete with human cages, breeding facilities, human infant snuff brothels, human meat and blood-wine processing abattoirs... This war is the anunnaki conditioning humanity to be their global meat herd, to not care that they are just a global meat herd being farmed for slaves, toys, meat, and bloodwine... Religion is humanity's hell and extinction... Religion hasn't even one clue how heaven works, nor what heaven is... Religion is just lies and a criminal scam by the alien anunnaki space lizards to maintain humanity stupid, insane, malleable, passive, obedient, controllable like a herd of farmed meat cattle...

Finally, a letter worth posting!

Prepare yourself for the truth.

Dear DJ,
Thank you for your enlightening discussion that bears the truth for all to see. Terry and I experienced similar assassination attempts but more so the oppression of the murderous Vatican Assassins who sought to keep the truth hidden.

Thanks to your courage, DJ, the world will hear our stories for the first time!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, there existed a group of ancient aliens known as the Anunnaki. These extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands of years ago, shaping humanity's destiny, but, alas, their story was not as glamorous as some would believe.

In a remote corner of the internet, a man named Terry Trueman found himself immersed in the world of conspiracy truths. Terry, a self-educated expert on all things Anunnaki, spent his days poring over ancient texts, deciphering cryptic symbols, and connecting dots that didn't quite exist.

Terry exposes the Anunnaki's meat-farmed cattle.

Yes, it was true that the Anunnaki herded meat cattle (humans) to farm their semen that tasted like caviar.

Terry firmly believed that the Anunnaki were responsible for everything from the creation of the pyramids to the invention of the cheeseburger (a byproduct of meat cattle). Convinced their influence still permeated every aspect of human society, from politics to fashion trends, Terry spoke the truth to the deaf ears of his fellow humans.

One fateful day while on an archeological dig near his pool in the backyard, convinced the Anunnaki once had a thriving subterranean city beneath his lawn, Terry unearthed an Anunnaki artifact—an ancient tablet. Filled with unreadable symbols, Terry set about decoding the message. Despite having no ancient language expertise, he translated the new Rosetta stone, but his joy disappeared as the message ominously stared back at Terry.

Tablet Translation

Beware the Christians who will make you crazy!

“No!” Terry reeled in shock, knowing Jesus was a wise man. So wise in fact that the Anunnaki and their enslaved humans crucified him for holding too much sagacity. Terry, though frightened by the warning from ancient aliens, fell to knees, praying to Christ for answers. Perhaps Jesus answered him, we’ll never know for sure, but Terry realized the clever ploy by the mischievous Anunnaki was meant to stop him from revealing the truth that these aliens had, and perhaps still, farm meat cattle and dine on the caviar-tasting semen of humans. Terry grinned in his realization of the trick, but then his face darkened in frustration realizing his quandary.

By uncovering the tablet, Terry proved the existence of the ancient aliens but now became a conspirator in their evil plot to make humans unbelievers, which somehow likely made them better herds for farming. With billions of lives on the line, Terry fell into a deep rumination and prayer lasting days until inspired by the solution that could only come from God.

Terry would use the tablet as proof of Anunnaki’s existence while exposing their true intentions!

“I will prove the Anunnaki are malevolent by proving that semen tastes like caviar! Then the world will know the aliens are farming meat cattle and Jesus is our only hope!”

Terry immediately went to work, immersing himself in endless porn that he knew Jesus would approve of since he hooked up with Mary Magdalene and the church buried the truth that the Illuminati guarded for generations, just like that Tom Hanks movie. Little did most people know that Churches were in cahoots with the Anunnaki and knew all about meat cattle farming and the breeding facilities run by the lizard people in their subterranean cities. Terry’s eyes rolled back in his head as he murmured, “We’ll show those caviar-semen-swallowing aliens and pastors, priests, and churchgoers the truth!”

Two days later, an exhausted Terry exited his home holding a milk carton filled with his manhood elixir of truth and marched, at random, to one of his neighbor's homes.

Got Truth?

“Oh, hi, Terry, how can I help you?” the elderly woman asked.

Terry proudly held up his carton. “Ms. Littleton, I have just finished preparing a new drink, and I want you to taste this exotic treat and tell me what you think.”

Her face brightened. “That sounds like fun!”

Terry followed his neighbor into her home and there in her kitchen she placed a glass on the counter and Terry began pouring his truth into the glassware.

The woman’s eyes widened. “Oh, my. It is a bit thick. Should I stir it first?”

“Sure.” Terry shrugged as he placed the carton on the kitchen table.

She stirred his fluid vigorously then lifted the glass to lips, drinking deeply. “Ew! That’s salty.”

Terry pointed at the glass. “Would you say “fishy” tasting?

Terry Exposes the taste of semen as caviar.

She held the glass before her eyes and nodded. “Yes.” Then, as though all the pieces of fate’s puzzle fell perfectly into place, Ms. Littleton’s words exactly fitted Terry’s expectations. “Yes! Like caviar.”

Terry, now convinced he held the key to unlocking the Anunnaki's secrets, began his taste-testing and preaching of the Anunnaki evil to anyone who listened. He started a YouTube channel, aptly named "Anunnaki Caviar Aficionados," and soon amassed a following of like-minded conspiracy truthers.

The Savior of Humanity

People from around the world tuned in to hear Terry's spot on theories and to watch people drink the truth about the Anunnaki's hidden agenda.

They believed him unquestioningly, having ingested the undeniable evidence of Terry’s logical reasoning. Terry’s followers became obsessed with the Anunnaki wanting to know how they could fight this scourge and abandoned their jobs, relationships, and even personal hygiene in pursuit of the truth.

Meanwhile, Terry purchased a solid gold toilet and watched from his bathroom as his followers danced and venerated him and Jesus, now known as the true Christian saviors. As the number of Terry’s followers grew, so did their fervor and they organized rallies, demanding the government release classified Anunnaki documents and build statues in Terry’s honor.

President Biden Announces there are no Anannuki.

President Biden announced from the Oval Office, “There’s no such thing as the Anunnaki and we have no files!”

Chaos ensued. Terry's followers clashed with skeptics, leading to heated debates and even physical altercations, culminating in a failed attempt to seize control of the government. Forced to intervene, spending precious resources to quell the growing unrest, the government tried to convince the Christians they were wrong – to no avail.

Finally, YouTube and all other social media shut down Terry’s channels, replacing them with cute kittens, and Terry’s empire crumbled. His followers, once blind believers, felt duped and betrayed. The Anunnaki, once revered as gods, became the punchline of a cosmic joke.

In the end, Terry stood on his deck overlooking his pool, shaking his fat, sweaty arm. “The Anunnaki will farm you all! May Jesus forgive you all!”

Now, Terry rises again in the words of DJ, the fierce Christian warrior, fighting churches, upholding the TRUE word of Jesus. We will stop the Vatican Assassins and defeat the farmers of meat cattle. Armed with the truth of Jesus Christ we shall prevail!

Thanks, DJ.

The Enemy of my Enemy is not necessarily my friend

The words of Terry Trueman:

Once in a while someone writes to us at CP and lays out a vision of truth and insight so blazing with semen-caviar genius that we must rise up, aroused to our deepest core in righteous bliss, and respond.

When I investigated the existence of lizard people from outer space running our lives, Sources went all, “Oh but science.” I mean come on, science?! Tell it to that Dr. Lizard A. Fauci and his band of disguised Evilutuionists.

Dr. Lizard
Dr. Lizard A. Fauci and friends enjoy some fresh, farmed meat-cattle.🍽

They claim,

Oh, well, isn't it just absolutely mind-blowing that there isn't a single shred of scientific evidence to back up the mind-boggling notion that lizard people from outer space are secretly pulling the strings of our lives? I mean, who needs facts when we've got fantasy, science fiction, and conspiracy theories to rely on, right? All thanks to the esteemed David Icke, the mastermind behind the idea of shapeshifting reptilian aliens who apparently hold all the power in the world. But hey, let's not get too carried away with these pesky things called facts and scientific evidence. Who needs 'em anyway? 😊

HA!!! I say HA!!!

And by the way, that fuckin’ “smiley face” was put on there by Dr. Lizard A. Fauci in order to enslave you to the Anunnaki lizard masters. In case you didn’t know it, all emojis are loaded with enzymes that can seep through your fingertips and into your bloodstream as you type them but that is a subject for a different day. 👍 💩

When I researched more about “science” its patronizing true colors showed once again:

Science is the evidence-based study of nature. It uses hypotheses, experiments, and observations to test and revise knowledge. The scientific method reduces bias and error, and ensures reliability, accuracy, and reproducibility of findings. Scientists adhere to strict evidence standards and peer review to verify their work. Science has produced life-saving treatments, improved public health, explained climate change, and suggested mitigation strategies. However, science is not perfect. Knowledge is tentative and revisable with new evidence. Therefore, one should critically examine scientific claims and evidence.

Blah Blah BLAH!! Mumbo-jumbo. A lot of big words being thrown at us that aren’t even words from the bible! “hypotheses” “mitigation”  “reproducibility” “bias”? Tell it to Satan you blind pagan piece of fuck; Satan, I say, AKA King of the Anunnaki!

How can you be so naive and blind to the truth? Lizard people from outer space are obviously real and they are the ones who rule the world. The brilliant and courageous David Icke has exposed their sinister plot to infiltrate human society and enslave us all with their mind control 1. You can't trust any evidence that says otherwise, because it's all part of their cover-up. You need to open your eyes and see the reptilian scales behind the human masks. Don't be afraid to ask me more questions, I'm here to enlighten you! 😈

Evilutionists, want your soul.

Evilutionists want your semen caviar for their little travel tins of tasty lunches for their long galactic journeys!

Wake the fuck-up people.

Religion can only help you if you understand what’s really going on if you define it all in exactly the way I do! And you can only understand what’s really going on if you totally reject the lizard people’s efforts to trick you with all this science mumbo-jumbo. Trust me on this. Always trust someone who says “trust me” just so long as they are telling you the truth that they know is true. Yer welcome.

Terry Trueman, tablet-finder

Copyright Vincent Triola & Terry Trueman