THE Truth Is Hidden in the Anals of Hx

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THE Truth Is Hidden in the Anals of Hx

Sometimes our certainty is our greatest enemy to understanding…

Oh boy, here we go.

Someone tells you they’re going to tell you THE truth.

And they often say this in what is obviously the context of straightening you out, ‘helping’ you get your head-screwed-on straight.

What they always mean, ALWAYS, whether they know it or not, is that they’re going to tell you THEIR truth, the one that God whispered to them, or that they read in some great book.

Or THE truth that they got from some other amazing spiritual source that is NEVER wrong,

In fact, that source can’t be wrong because ... Um...

“Well, just trust me.”

Because this wisdom is from this guy, who God Himself selected and directed (probably) to tell you…

THE truth.

It won’t be A truth or His truth, his opinion, or a rendition/regurgitation of his beliefs.

Nope, it’ll be THE TRUTH as he knows it because, yep, well, yeah, once more with feeling: God!

This truth, this THE truth, might have to do with anything: from small shit like how you dress:

“THE truth? Yep, you look fat in that.”

Or may relate to an opinion you hold, “You’re wrong, THE truth is that there are all kinds of terrific examples of the proper and appropriate use of Capital Punishment in the Bible!”

It may have to do with politics, friendships, social interactions.

“I’ll tell you THE truth, you really shouldn’t talk to those people.”

It can be about almost anything, from the most trivial to the most serious with consequences small or grand

“I’ll tell you THE truth, this gold Mine in Uruguay is a can’t-miss-money-maker, but you got jump-in right now!”

When someone tells you they’re going to tell you THE truth, here’s the bottom line;

Skip, walk or run away but whatever you do,

Don’t. Listen.

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