Yes Christian Know-it-alls, This One’s For You

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Yes Christian Know-it-alls, This One’s For You

Dreams of Harmony Going Awry: A consideration of the search for wisdom

Abrief reminder
of our potential to fail at
reaching detachment in our concerns,
as a cause for missing-out
in achieving wisdom:

Do you do this?

Once you’ve seen a problem
and formulated your understanding
of what’s going on,
do you then,
based on that initial grasp
of the event or situation,
come up with a plan,
an obvious “common sense” solution
that you think is
the best one?

(So far so good.)

But if you run into someone
who questions your definitions
merely disagrees with your
do you hear them out
and consider
their objections, comments,
variant considerations,
and allow these other ways,
these reconsiderations
to impact your views?

Or do you cling with all your might
to your original definitions
and fixes,
because you are so
sure of your rightness
that any adjustment,
any second/next step,
would create a
dissonance within you and for you
tantamount to feeling “wrong?”

And is feeling wrong
so distasteful to you
that you’d prefer to
defend your initial position
over actually developing
any further,
more helpful understanding?

Taking the next step
often includes
the necessary willingness
to change one’s mind
in order to gain a deeper, more
right understanding.

Socrates kept asking
in response to inadequate,
insufficient, incomplete understandings —
and in the end
it so annoyed people
that they killed him.

Welcome to asking the stupid
willfully ignorant
to explain
their simple solutions
a bit more fully —

Wisdom is possible
but not if one is so bound
by emotions
as to be unable to attain
detachment in one’s concern.

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