Your Anger With Christians is Sad!

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Your Anger With Christians

I don’t know who did you wrong, but your anger with Christians is misplaced. Blaming all Christians because of someone from your past is ridiculous. Nothing gives you the right to stereotype Christians the way you do. ~Email From Christian

Leave it to a moronic Christian armchair psychologist to diagnose my anger and invent a fantasy confirming his diagnosis. His psychobabble skill, surpassed only by an ability to place Christians as the victims of stereotyping, should shock no one since Christians exist in irrationality rooted in a perfect worldview delusion. Sorry to shatter your dream of mental health mastery, Christian, but I am not sitting around stewing on past pains inflicted by Christians, not that such a history wouldn’t be enough to justify anyone’s rage aimed at Christians. No, I am not angry at Christians.

I loathe Christians.

Little Christian Nazis

You would hate yourself if not for the religion blinding you and fellow Christians to your true nature.

I despise Christians the way law-abiding citizens abhor thieves burglarizing their homes. Similarly, Christians perpetuate their fraud against us all, stealing our time, energy, and money to deal with nonsensical issues like purity culture, fighting sex education, and destroying democracy. Worse than just stealing, they feign charity and pretend they perform these acts out of kindness and to benefit others. Not only do we need laws that enforce Christian culture (because everyone is either too stupid or too morally weak), but we need to treat Christians with the utmost respect since they are such good people.

The Christian lie offends anyone with half a brain!

These are just some of the points stoking my fiery dislike of Christians, which says nothing of the hypocrisy Christians exercise with pride and uncaring. The mention of any behavior contradictory to their beliefs goes ignored and meets with eye-rolling as though the witness spoke in gibberish or, in your case, feeble-minded excuse-making. Don’t be sad for me, Christian, because I find you repellant and horrifying, the same as I would any power-hungry oppressor.

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