Your Idealized Christian Beliefs

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What an angel from hell really looks like . . .Probably

And the inconvenience of reality

What an angel from hell really looks like . . .Probably
What an angel from hell really looks like...Probably

We are brought-up with lie after lie, unintentionally harmful myths, starting with Santa and the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and on and on —

Of course, pointing out any of these childhood manipulations, means you’re a libtard-snowflake trying to steal Christmas (and elections for that matter).

Add to these childhood lies and the nonsensical absurdity that you believe a wise Jewish guy crucified by the Romans, 2K years ago for preaching love is, today, yer “very best buddy” along with his dad, both of whom live up above the stars.

All of this goes together.

The unquestioned crap we are fed, eventually becomes our only version of truth and reality, even though we know in our bones that it’s all bullshit, madness and delusion.

This ridiculous set of reinforced beliefs help make it possible to believe fuckin’ anything, lets you see yourself as okay, no matter how much you must deny your rational mind:

Your abusive father becomes a wonderful daddy.

Your alcoholic mother becomes a fountain of love and support.

Your $9 per hour job, in an economic system that is about accepting as a wonderful measure of perfection, the first trillionaire (a million millions in his bank account).

Somehow it all just makes great sense to you. After all wouldn’t you like a chance to become a trillionaire too? Of course you would, so shut-up and get back on that assembly line where you belong.

It all starts when an unwillingness eventually becoming your inability to face and accept the distance between what you feel and know to be true and what what you wish were true.

It becomes what you have always been told that you SHOULD accept as truth becomes the only truth.

Here’s the fix: Look into the mirror. Stare into your own eyes. Speak your truth yourself. Look at the difference between what is your truth and what you know the world wants you to simply accept as truth.

If you are unable to see what I’m talking about, step away, drop a decent hit of a major hallucinogen (LSD, ‘Shrooms, mescaline, or some other) and try again.

Those Matrix movies had it partly right, red pill or blue pill, delusion-maintenance or uncomfortable-truths, there is no beige pill, no pastel yellow.

There really are no options.

By the way. The above sounds like an opinion.

It is not.

It is the truest thing you will ever hear. And one of the most difficult to finally, fully, step into.

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