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The Impeachment of trump (t)

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The Impeachment of trump (t)

This is A reminder of what coulda, and shoulda happened a long time ago: for all you faithful followers of the Tangerine Jesus #2.

I considered titling this The impeachment of Donald Trump or Donald J. Trump, but somehow diminishing him to a single, lowercase surname felt better.

Of course, he is much loathed, maligned, and castigated by all except his cult- following of fools, idiots, and needy simpering suckers.

So the lowercase “t” felt more right.

This moment of this writing, the first day following the first live testimony of the first witnesses to Trump’s malfeasance, seems a good place to start.

This allows me to assume a historical tone filled with gravitas and huge significance in the unfolding of our nation and its people.

But it also feels like a good place to stop.

Because just how much more detail, how many more words and breaths must be wasted to describe a mistake (an election of cosmic idiocy) compounded by venality, greed, and the mad lust to hold power above all else — for this nonsense?

Who fuckin’ knew?

Who knew how much time, heart, soul, and spirit would be wasted on describing the moral death of a people?

Who Knew?!

The impeachment of trump,


Sure, why not. Let’s wait and see how he and his minions turn this shame and vulgarity into another torchlight parade of chanting turds:

Piles of maggot-ridden feces dressed up in khakis and polo shirts chanting racist bullshit.

The impeachment of trump,

Nah, make it trump trumped.

The impeachment of trump,

Little hands, little mind, micro-phallic moron: heartless, cruel, an absurd piece of shit.

Goodbye. our fondest wish, our greatest hope, our worst nightmare, our greatest mistake.

But please, please, please, whatever else happens, let’s make it Goodbye, With a capital G.

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