Here’s the Real Christian Hero Sexually Harassing AOC

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Here’s the Real Christian Hero Sexually Harassing AOC

Where are all the “good” Christians?

Amazingly, the Supreme Court, with its mostly hardline-Christian Justices, receives immediate protection from peaceful protestors reacting to the Roe v. Wade leak, but a Congresswoman cannot even enter the Capital without being sexually harassed. Clearly, this is an upstanding prolifer evidenced by his accusations of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wanting to kill babies mixed with catcalls of “my favorite big booty Latina.”

In the fall of women’s rights, AOC’s video reveals the coming attraction of a society constructed on Christian values that promotes men screaming ethnic and sexually charged epithets at women. The perpetrator Alex Stein, whose religion is unknown, seems to embrace the Christian GOP, showing just how bizarrely Christianity infects politics with Marjorie Taylor Greene praising Stein on her Facebook show. Christians got what they wanted, correct? The overturning of Roe v. Wade. Yet this goal was not enough. They want to dominate women in every aspect of life: put them in their place, as it were. This outcome should not surprise anyone since they are just following their great leader, who talked about grabbing women by the pussies.

The Trump video not only went ignored by Christians but served as a model for their behavior. The BBC reported “the Trump effect” in 2017, citing Southern Poverty Law, which states, “almost 900 incidents of [civil rights] harassment following Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election.”

The Trump Effect is a misnomer for the real problem, “Christian Oppression,” that grows at an alarming rate. What is most disturbing is the complete willingness of Christian women to accept this behavior. NPR’s 2018 report on sexual harassment makes clear this outcome cannot possibly be what women desire,

The majority of women — 66 percent — said they’d been sexually harassed in public spaces. “The public forums are where you see the more chronic experiences of sexual harassment,” says Raj. These include verbal harassment and physical harassment, like touching and groping.

Yet Christian women continue voting and showing support for men who behave in this manner. Christian politicians who succeed despite being accused of sexual harassment, or worse in many cases, are astounding:

Don’t worry, Christians. It’s not just the Republicans, the baby-murdering Democrats have their share of misconduct, but the big difference is they resign while Christian republicans don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. More telling about Christians is the simple fact that no one stands on the Capitol steps catcalling Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, or Mayra Flores during her recent campaign. Perhaps these Christian women endure sexual harassment like AOC, though no one seems to be reporting it, but they just accept abuse the way a Christian woman should. Boys will be boys, you know. 

I can’t believe anyone, Christian or otherwise, would desire this path Christian-dominated politics takes us down, yet here we stand, with a congresswoman unable to go to work without being verbally assaulted with ethnic slurs and sexual remarks. Christians really live up to their golden rule: 

Do unto others. 

Note: When first published, this article had a publication error in the second paragraph that made Alex Stein’s religion appear Christian which was not intended. Sentence two did not publish correctly, and in adding this part to the second paragraph, sentence three was added to provide a source.

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