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Time to take the homo out of sexual, watch The Abortinator, & Learn the Truth about AOC

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Time to take the homo out of sexual, watch The Abortinator, & Learn the Truth about AOC

As the year 2022 closes, let's commit ourselves to stopping the homosexuality, watch quality Christian movies, and learn all of AOC's secrets.

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual

Pastor Christian T. Roll Explains the Causes & Cures of Homosexuality

Pastor Christian T. Roll Explains the Causes & Cures of Homosexuality

Welcome to the Church of the Redeemed Whore! As you can see, we are in the Spirit today, praying for another great sermon. Today's teaching is about Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Notice I didn't say "gay" or "lesbian" because saying those words gives credence to the idea that they are real identities and variations in sexual nature. The Bible is quite clear on this topic:

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. Leviticus 18:22

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. Leviticus 20:13

That's the Christian way!

Clearly, there is a problem because atheists believe homosexuality is normal, which it can't possibly be since the Bible says otherwise. Obviously, we're not going to logically convince a lying, heathen atheist because he's too stupid to believe in God much less than Bible. No, today we're going to have to bring out the big guns  –  Christian science!

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual2
Christian scientists dealing with the homosex problem in colonial America.

Thousands of years of Christian science provides two primary causes of same-sex attraction: daddy issues and lack of sports skill. The good Christian scientists at the Catholic Education Resource Center discuss these causes:

In a culture dominated by sports heroes, it's easy to understand how a young boy who can't play ball or run fast may not feel very good about himself - especially when this is accompanied by ridicule from his peers and perhaps even exclusion and isolation. He may escape the resulting loneliness with academics or by cultivating comfortable relationships with girls.

"The sports wound will negatively affect the image of himself, his relationships with peers, his gender identity, and his body image," Fitzgibbons writes. "His negative view of his masculinity and his loneliness can lead him to crave the masculinity of his male peers."

How does this happen? Well, men raised by non-Christians are at the highest risk of same-sex attraction because they never had their masculinity reinforced. From the moment a kid exits the womb, he must be constantly exposed to Jesus and sports to make him an alpha male worthy of holding a Bible. This is what a real alpha male looks like.

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual3

Notice how this young man is intent on sports training. Nothing breaks his concentration. Soon he will grow into a God-fearing Christian man like this:

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual4

That's what a real man looks like!

Sadly, many men are not raised as alpha males like Matt Gaetz but as homos because atheist homosexual liars steal children's manhood and convince them to be whiny women. Don't believe me? Just look with horror at these non-Christians turning children into homosexuals!

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual5
Books courtesy of that homo-loving, atheist, socialist Vince Triola

Don't think girls are safe either! Researchers at the Catholic Education Resource Center tell us:

In females, the mistrust of men's love is one of the major conflicts a woman may choose to "resolve" in a homosexual relationship. She may have had a distant, emotionally insensitive or even abusive father and grows up with a fear of being vulnerable to men.

Women who have been betrayed in love relationships may also seek safety in a relationship with a woman. Women who are sexually abused or raped as children may find it almost impossible to trust men and turn to a woman instead for affection.

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual6

These horrible atheist homosexuals destroy Christianity by normalizing same-sex attraction and eroding women's dependence on men. What's a feeble-minded girl to do once she doesn't trust men any longer?


Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual7
Suddenly, your daughter is holding a pride parade in your backyard!

The disturbing nature of same-sex attraction only worsens when you realize this insidious disease became the tool of the atheist, socialist, homosexual agenda that's bent on making Christians weaklings. Undaunted, Christian scientists work round the clock studying the same-sex attraction problem because, despite the disgusting, foul practice of homosex, selfless Christians believe all lives matter and seek a cure.

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual8

Using the most advanced technologies, Christian scientists discovered another force driving homosex - which we knew all along! Lack of Jesus allows evil to flourish, and that evil is,

Homo Demon!

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual9

Unsuspecting atheists go to bed completely unaware of the demonic forces they allowed into their lives. Homo demon and his band of evil fairies work their dark magic during the night while atheists sleep.

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual10

The next day atheists awaken, and this happens,

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual10

Don't think you're safe because you're a Christian! No, the atheists condemned everyone by opening the portal to hell's homo plane. The only thing that can stop Homo Demon is the power of Christ, specifically,

Christ's Condom

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual12

Each night, good Christians need to say their prayers and slip into Christ's Condom before bed. Nothing protects a Christian from Homo Demon like the power of Christ's full-body Condom!

Taking the “Homo” Out of Sexual14

As you can see, Christian science reveals the causes and cure for unwanted same sex attraction. More importantly, the only protection from Homo Demon is the power of Christ's Condom. Though the evil unleashed upon the world by atheist homosexuals can be frightening, luckily for Christians, Jesus and sports are the cure!

Join me next time when we discuss the War Against Christians.

Abortinator: Rise of the Christians

A Review of the Latest Christian Science Fiction Epic

A movie that finally elevates Christian genre above what critics have referred to as significantly derivative and pedestrian. What a marvelous story filled with action, drama, and love of Jesus. Christian moviegoers asked for a savior, and God gave us the second greatest story ever told! 

Abortinator: Rise of the Christians
Winner of the Academy Award for best new Christian sci-fi.

After a second storming of the Capital, President Donald Trump must wage war against the secret, dark government filled with communists, pedophiles, and baby-murdering atheists who, again, attempt to steal the 2024 election and keep the Godly Donald from resuming his station as President. Realizing the widespread evil of the hopeless, foolish non-Christian population, the mighty Trump turns to the only person he can trust, himself, and builds TrumpNet. By pressing his engrams onto a quantum computer chip, President Trump ensures his lifelong Presidency and the newly formed Republic of the United States of Jesus. When the cheating, lesbian, liberal, fascist, homosexual, feminazis continue attempts to overthrow his God-given lifetime presidential term in office, he plugs TrumpNet into the national defense computer grid, activating the chip and giving full authority to the automated defense system. Jesus sees the bravery of his holy brother Donald and blesses TrumpNet, making the machine sentient.

A miracle!

TrumpNet becomes sentient with Jesus’ blessing.
TrumpNet becomes sentient with Jesus’ blessing.

Trump emerges from the White House and leads the holy cybernetic army in Christ’s name across the Godless country, clearing out the atheist, child-molesting armies that oppose democracy and Jesus.

The Godly Donald leads the cybernetic Christian forces on Judgement Day.
The Godly Donald leads the cybernetic Christian forces on Judgement Day.

TrumpNet seeing no other option to stop the terrorism of the evil liberal whores who refuse to take Jesus in their hearts, wanting only to murder their babies, begins nuking US cities — the urban hellscapes ruled by Satan’s minions!

The violent, extremist uprising to steal the election burns in the nuclear fire!
The violent, extremist uprising to steal the election burns in the nuclear fire!

Victory comes at a heavy cost, with many Christians dying in the battle for liberty and filling President Trump with sorrow. Turning to God, President Trump begs the Lord’s mercy for the brave, dead Christians and even the non-Christians because all lives matter.

Marjorie Taylor Green, Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump, and Ted Cruz put on brave faces after the nuclear holocaust.
Marjorie Taylor Green, Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump, and Ted Cruz put on brave faces after the nuclear holocaust.

The Lord hears His second son’s plea weighted with the guilt for the decimation of the good Christians and wills future TrumpNet to send a savior across time to abort the heathen, non-Christian voter fraudsters who created the bloodshed by stealing the 2020 election.

The Abortion Service System 1000 (Abortinator) and President Trump come face to face.
The Abortion Service System 1000 (Abortinator) and President Trump come face to face.

The Abortinator goes to work aborting all the violent dregs of humanity that pose a threat to Christians everywhere. He aborts the terrorists, the welfare leeches bleeding the Christians financially, the homosexuals, and the vilest of all — the baby killers!

The Abortinator annihilates the enemies who will try to steal the election from President Trump.
The Abortinator annihilates the enemies who will try to steal the election from President Trump.

Having aborted the non-Christians, Trump takes his rightful place in Washington as Supreme Ruler of America after once again making the United States great again.


Victory goes to the man of God!
Victory goes to the man of God!

Pastor Christian T. Roll’s directorial debut, which earned him an Academy Award for best Christian Science Fiction, is a classic to be remembered for all time. If you have not seen this masterpiece of cinematography, you can catch a private viewing of Abortinator: The Director’s Cut, showing at the Church of the Redeemed Whore. 

Meet Pastor Christian T. Roll at opening night!

Order your tickets now from the Church of the Redeemed Whore for $500. Note: One percent of all proceeds go to support the Trump January 6th Defense Fund and are not tax-deductible since the Satanic IRS has still not approved the Church’s nonprofit status.

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Pastor Christian T. Roll brings you the truth about AOC

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Merry Christmas! As you can see, the Church of the Redeemed Whore is all ready for Christmas. Don’t you just love the baby Jesus? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t? I bet you’re wondering if there is a present for you somewhere in this nativity scene. There sure is. As a Christmas present, the Church of the Redeemed Whore brings you the truth about that lying socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or AOC.

AOC portrays herself as a politician of the people, making her rounds in the Bronx, going to a bodega to get breakfast before having drinks with friends.

This sharp, young, fresh politician appears authentic, but we Christians know better, and to put it simply,

The real AOC is an anti-Jesus socialist bent on destroying Christianity and the USA.

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez2

This Marxist wants you to believe,

If you lose your job, you shouldn’t lose your healthcare too. And if you get sick, you shouldn’t be put under a mountain of debt. Medicare for All guarantees healthcare to everyone, curbs costs, and improves long-term health.

Have you ever heard anything more preposterous!

AOC takes us for fools believing she has pulled the socialist wool over our eyes with claims of free healthcare. What kind of moron would think free healthcare could actually lower healthcare costs? What kind of imbecile would believe free healthcare would also increase life spans through preventative medicine that lowers the risk of chronic disease?

Not this Christian.

If you search her website, you’ll find she states the need to redistribute wealth to eliminate Jesus. That’s the kind of stupidity that occurs when you think like a socialist, like overlooking the fact that a longer lifespan means having to wait longer to see Jesus. What kind of crazy fudger would want that?

This anti-Jesus socialist doesn’t stop there; no, she wants to reward the lazy. Why should you work when you can just mooch off the state? That’s what happens when people don’t have Jesus to pray to; they become lazy good-for-nothings. Clearly, the Bible, Thessalonians 3:10, teaches us to only help people who work, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

That’s the Christian way!

This horrible socialist wants to take the dollars from Christians who break their backs to be productive. Imagine working hard and rising through the ranks of a company only to have AOC take your money. Think of those vulnerable healthcare executives and CEOs who could lose their pay. Just imagine not having CEOs because these men couldn’t be paid enough. What kind of hellish world would we live in with no CEOs?

AOC thinks she has the answer with her socialist policies aimed at redistributing wealth, and she boldly lists them right there on her website. Imagine poor CEOs and executives who fought their way to the top, now having all their hard-earned money taken away to pay for everyone’s laziness. Only a completely unchristian, power-hungry politician would seek such an outcome. We Christians hear you, AOC!

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez3

And I say,

In a just United States, our public housing should be a source of pride for our society and a place of comfort, safety and stability for residents. It’s up to us to make it happen.

Merry Christmas, heathens! Here’s your free house, along with your free healthcare. Maybe we should start handing out cars and earbuds so everyone can listen to their favorite band while driving to their state-paid doctor. What a nightmare! So as you eat your Christmas dinner, remember this one might be your last.

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez4

This could be your next dinner.

This could be your next dinner.5

Merry Christmas! From the Church of the Redeemed Whore!

Join me next time and learn how racism is an atheist lie.

Jesus Fish

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