Christians Need NEVER Apologize

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Christians Need NEVER Apologize

I’m sorry. I Was Wrong...

...is this really all that terribly difficult to say?

When I rolled around recently and repeatedly,
in a giant vat
of lime-infused Schadenfreude shit,
gleefully either celebrating or
anticipating a celebration over
the deaths of Anti-vaxxers, especially
the famous ones:
Arron Rodgers, Eric Clapton, Sarah Palin,
John Stockton, Meatloaf
and so many others of their ilk and persuasion
with public platforms allowing them
to make their bold, gutsy last stands well known
to all we mask-wearing cowards —
It was wrong of me.

It goes against whatever minimal
standard of morality and decency
and civilized conduct
I possess
(damn little, I agree)
But it was wrong.
I was wrong.

Wrong is fuckin’ wrong.
I apologize for any harm done to others
by my wrongness.

I’m sorry.

I was wrong.

Now, how fuckin’ difficult was that to do?
What would it have cost me to simply get my
vaccinations and boosters and
just shut-the fuck-up about it
and not have to offer this mea-culpa, mea-culpa,
Well, truthfully, it doesn’t cost
much at all.

wrong is wrong.
Being wrong is being wrong.
It doesn’t feel good to have to admit it,
but TBH, it doesn’t feel all that shitty either —

And from what I’ve seen,
this relatively painless apology for being
wrong, this admission of moral imbecility,
isn’t as true or common among
Covid infected anti-vaxxers
filling up all the beds in all the hospitals.

But when they hook you up to the ventilator
and you’re scribbling out a few final words
in defense of your brave stand,
just know that I’ll be trying not to laugh
and that if a chuckle or two escapes my control,
I’ll be very sorry.

After all,
wrong is wrong.

Let me add, as a postscript
that rarely do Christain acquaintances of mine
EVER say they are sorry for shitty things
they say or do.
And indeed why would they?

After all,
Jesus already died for their sins
so what the fuck
have they got to worry about?

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