Dumb Christian Philosophers argue, “If you judge Christianity by Christians, then judge Atheism by Atheists.”

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Dumb Christian Philosophers argue, “If you judge Christianity by Christians, then judge Atheism by Atheists.”

“Look at Stalin & Mao; they killed millions!”

People who call themselves Christian philosophers recklessly use the word “philosopher” and may want to inquire about refunds for degrees granting such a title. Perhaps dumb Christian philosophers consider themselves real philosophers and believe their comments about judging atheism make sense the way Wernicke’s aphasia sufferers believe they communicate clearly.

Dumb Christian philosophers sound so stupid!

Judging atheism by atheists is completely nonsensical since atheism is an absence of belief in a supernatural being(s), not an absence of morality. Therefore, there is nothing to morally judge, and similarly, theism cannot be morally judged since theism defines as a belief in a supernatural being(s), not a morality.

What dumb Christian philosophers can judge is morality based on rational beliefs or mindless religious dogma.

Mindless, illiterate Christians don’t understand this point and think Christian philosophers are big-time smart when dumb Christian philosophers point and sneer, “Look at Stalin and Mao and their atrocities; they were atheists.” Certainly, dumb Christian philosophers must realize they judge the acts of two individuals or regimes founded on different philosophies that have nothing to do with theism or atheism beyond the leaders taking similar atheistic positions.

Of course, dumb Christian philosophers realize this point but ignore it, revealing themselves as intellectual fraudsters.

Dumb Christian philosophers become intellectual fraudsters by misstating atheism as synonymous with socialism, communism, or Marxism. Dumb Christian philosophers purposely misstate atheism in this manner because they know illiterate Christians don’t understand and believe a bunch of jargon strung together — especially if it starts with “God” and ends with “Jesus.”

The truth dumb Christian philosophers obfuscate is that Marxism, socialism, and communism are as diverse as capitalism. The communism of China is not the same as the socialism once practiced in the USSR. In fact, China has evolved into something arguably not communist at all when one considers the fact that large capitalist market elements exist in China. Similarly, Russia converted to capitalism after the fall of the USSR. Likewise, France and Canada are hybrids of capitalism and socialism, most notably in public services such as healthcare.

Every country interprets its model of economics and government differently, having little to do with atheism or theism. China is the most populous country with the largest number of Buddhists living there, and the USSR was a mosaic of many religions, most notably Christians, despite government efforts to eliminate religion. The fact that Stalin’s regime was atheistic and slaughtered millions of people has nothing to do with Marxism but shows instead, whenever one person holds too much power, terrible things happen.

In contrast to blaming atheism by loosely connecting socialism and communism to individual atheist leaders, religion (Christianity) is morally culpable because religion dogmatically dictates morality. Christianity can be judged based on Christian behavior because Christians follow a morality that leads them to salvation. Clearly, their book, the Bible, states this in commandments. As such, the Catholic and Anglican involvement in Rwanda’s genocide convicts Christianity since mass murder violates its commandments. In the same way, American Christians endanger women when enforcing laws to end abortion regardless of rape, life-threatening pregnancy circumstances, and the long-term ability to provide for themselves or their children.

Dumb Christian philosophers purposely overlook these facts because blaming the communist, socialist, and Marxist boogeymen keeps stupid, illiterate Christians coming to Church and financially supporting their capitalist-driven racist, classist, violent religion that benefits a small percentage of people.

Most notably, the Christian philosopher fraudsters running the churches.

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