Mindless Christians Don’t Understand Why They’re the Problem

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Mindless Christians Don’t Understand Why They’re the Problem

Not Muslims, not Buddhists, not Jews, not anyone but Christians in the US!

Today, a mindless Christian decided to plagiarize my article Limit Contact with Christians by replacing the word “Christian” with “Jew.” This imbecilic attempt at parody or satire clearly shows the mindless Christian lacks an understanding of copyright violation and why playing with semantics doesn’t prove I’m wrong or why Christians are not the problem.

(Note: I filed a copyright claim; while stupid Christians have freedom of speech, they don’t have the freedom to use 90% of my copyright. The author since removed the article.)

Mindless Christian Semantics

Mindless Christians believe they cleverly divert attention from Christians by showing other religions and me in a negative light by replacing the words of an article. Clearly, mindless Christians overlooked the OTHER ARTICLES on Christian Pollution, presenting Christians as the problem — not other religions. Still, I understand the limited critical thinking caused by the philosophic disease of Christianity and willingly explain the issue — again.

Christians dominate the US population and culture: about sixty-nine percent of Americans refer to themselves as Christians, and sheer numbers make them the cause of social issues inherent to Christianity. For example, no other religion dictates healthcare policies for nonmembers like the Catholic church makes doctors and other workers sign Ethical and Religious Directives that limit practices based on Christian dogma.

You can’t replace the word “Catholic” with “Jew” since Jews don’t run one in six hospitals in the US.

Mindless Christians playing semantic games cloud Christianity’s propensity for racism by misrepresenting other religions as equal or worse than Christianity. This claim is untrue because mindless Christians form the core of the alt-right, conservative, Republican, and racist ideology in the US. While other religions have problems, they do not constitute half the voting and majority of the general population, which directly or indirectly supports a racist, fundamentalist, Christian party.

You can’t replace the word “Republican” with “Jew” as this would be inaccurate to say in general terms, but you can generalize “Republican” with “Christian.”

Mindless Christians don’t consider their intrusive religion a burden on other people. Mindless Christians desire to force women to be incubators and make everyone believe Creationism whether they are Christian or not. No other religion has this power to create such controversy in the US by violating church and state separation.

You can’t synonymously use “Christian Nationalist” with “Jewish Nationalist” OR ANY other RELIGION in the US because they have no power by comparison.

Mindless Christians should consider other semantic issues before stupidly parodying articles with wordplay.

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish-American missionaries come banging on your door to sell their religion?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans fight to overturn Roe vs. Wade compared with Christians?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support the alt-right?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support racist-driven laws to limit voting rights?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support evangelizing children in public schools?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think QAnon is a movement based on truth?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think Donald Trump did a great job making America great again?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think COVID is a conspiracy to take away their freedom?

Hopefully, mindless Christians now understand why they are the problem, but I doubt it.

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