Anger for Christianity is only Natural

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Anger for Christianity is only Natural

Christianity Steals From Us All

“It’s quite amazing to think there was a time I was nothing but hubris, misinformation, and lies.” ~Reader Comment

Dear Reader,
Christian fraud awareness provides many benefits, like better decision-making and autonomy but also haunts with a bitter loss for time wasted, as well as self-incrimination. Few people awakening from Christianity avoid this duality mainly because Christianity’s fraud catalyzes believers’ hubris by declaring itself “the truth.” Most exChristians will tell you the misinformation and lies cement a worldview where disagreements occur over “what is Christian or not” or “which church is better,” never the actual belief. Arrogance grows in this sense of correctness and knowing the truth — despite a foundation of falsehoods.

Sometimes I wonder if ego alone reinforces the believer’s resistance to reality, knowing fraud’s rejection means an admission of profound error. I am unsure of this factor’s impact severity regarding awakening from Christianity, but for certain, hubris surrenders to a sense of loss, embarrassment, and anger.

Accepting and embracing these emotions further enhances understanding.

For ex-Christians, negative emotions often stifle growth since much of the Christian worldview persists within us. Take, for instance, the natural anger rising from the embarrassment of being tricked by the Christian lie. Now seemingly obvious, fraud causes exbelievers to self-incriminate, feeling a wrongness rather than a need to manage this anger. Why? Because Christianity taught them anger is wrong. NonChristians are angry people who hate God!


If someone entered your house and stole your belongings, you would justly feel anger. Yet Christianity absolves itself of stealing your years, money, and emotional well-being by declaring you the culprit for feeling angry, ignoring completely the wrong inflicted on you. This gaslighting takes many forms, so reminding yourself of this rage’s natural and justified nature becomes vital to your well-being.

You should be angry at Christianity!

Everyone should be enraged by the fraud perpetrated on them by Christianity, especially those born and raised in the religion, for they suffered the worst swindle: a theft of choices, critical thinking, and humanity. Christianity promised Christians they owned salvation, held wisdom, and were beautiful, loving people who could pity and justly hate everyone. We learned to couch words in passive aggressiveness, speak in faux humbleness, and glorify ourselves above the nonbeliever or lesser Christian, surefooted in scripture or pastors’ lies. When we suffered some grievance with our church or with fellow Christians or became unable to stomach another disappointment — or finally sickened of having all life dictated, we left. Yet, exiting Christianity gave rise to a new pain of self-incrimination, primarily a sense of profound wrongness. This is the ongoing tragedy of Christianity: it keeps defrauding us.

Never blame yourself!

Everyone suffers some degree of indoctrination in a Christian-dominated society, and self-incrimination is only natural, but you should commend yourself for having seen beyond the lies. Embrace those repressed emotions and allow hubris to give way to rightful anger and you will know even more intimately the lie of Christianity.


Jesus Fish