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Racist Christian asks, "Who commits more crime?"

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Exposing the Christian Fraudster

The oblique question "Who commits more crime?" promotes racist inquiry. One wouldn't ask who commits more crime without defining "who" to avoid this issue. Investigating who commits more crime can be a scientific inquiry depending on the group in question, such as recidivism rate differences between juvenile and adult offenders. However, without focusing the question, the person could be asking about anything. Though meaningless, you'll see the question posted on racial injustice articles because racist Christians hope to rally the holier-than-thou herd and convince the unsuspecting to implicate minority victims: all the while escaping racism's accusation by hiding behind the broad inquiry.

Racist Christians also love this question because they know searching the almighty Google can lead one down the path to Republicanism and hopefully to Jesus. When we invoke Google, without cookies and using a VPN to avoid algorithmic bias, we discover many different crime statistics.*

Racist Christian asks, "Who commits more crime?"

However, crime data lends itself to abuse by Christian racists because data deals with demographics like age, gender, and of course, race. If we further explore the search results, we will almost certainly find the question of whether black Americans commit more crimes than whites. The frequency of these results, like all things with the internet, depends on the searches you make on your computer. The more you search about race, the more likely you are to see these results, but as you can see, even without cookies on a VPN, we still see the question appear because the algorithm shows you what is popular in search results.

Racist Christian asks, "Who commits more crime?"

Racist Christians bank on their question inciting searches about black crime to bring up results like this,

Racist Christian asks, "Who commits more crime?"4

This propaganda site aims to spread misinformation: probably created by racist Christians, considering they are the primary readers of fake news sites and the even more racist sites promoted therein.

Racist Christian asks, "Who commits more crime?"

Accessing this site will lead you to even more racist material either, hoping to convert more people to hate or to reinforce the discrimination Christian readers already believe. The function of these sites is the same as the Christian troll screaming about Jesus and hating atheists in which he herds the racist believers to fake news to keep them informed of important issues and to affirm belief. Understanding why Christian trolls ask this question reveals the futility of answering it since maintaining racist Christian hate is the only intention. Arguing proves nothing to the racist Christians. They are more likely to see your argument as an attack against white people - the growing conspiracy they believe. More than gullible, racist Christians are so illogical they cannot understand the statistics or data limitations. For instance, racial crime measurements, like the FBI's data, show most murders are intraracial, meaning white killing white or black killing black.

Intraracial crime makes sense considering communities with high crime rates are often racially segregated: white or black.

The racist Christians instead like to play the blame game pointing the finger at blacks and saying, "See, they commit more crime or more violent crime."

The racist Christian doesn't bother explaining the misleading nature of statistics because the overwhelming body of evidence supports systemic racism as the cause of blacks being detained, arrested, and incarcerated more often than whites. Starting in youth, minorities face higher probabilities of being detained, arrested, stiffer sentencing, and increased short-term and long-term detention than whites.

This disparity is known as overrepresentation, and it is not a myth or caused by minority youth committing more crimes. Systemic racism occurs at every level of law enforcement, beginning with police discretion to arrest someone. If black kids are arrested more often than whites for the same crimes, which they are, then it stands to reason that systemic racism occurs and skews crime statistics. This problem extends to the adult system and decades of research show overrepresentation's reality over and over again:

Faced with a preponderance of evidence dictates changing belief or resignation to idiocy, and racist Christians keep right on believing. This act of faith proves Christianity is a philosophical disease spread by charlatans seeking to maintain power over believers and money.

The racist Christian needs the black villain because the violent black man justifies discrimination that reduces an entire group to lowly jobs and loss of freedom. Blaming blacks gives the illusion that anyone (white) can make it to the top by fixing higher placement on the social ladder. Blaming blacks for crime gives poor whites hope, and racist-driven Christianity cements that hope in unwavering faith.

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*Using a private browser eliminates cookies, and using a virtual private network (VPN) further masks your computer from search engines and gives a less biased search result.