Alabama Embraces Christian Values by Imposing Death Penalty & Women’s Dress Code

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Alabama Embraces Christian Values by Imposing Death Penalty & Women’s Dress Code

What in Christianity is wrong with Alabama?

In a stunning display of Christian values that drive the 49% Evangelical State of Alabama, a reporter, Ivana Hrynkiw Shatara, was forced to change shoes and wear a stranger’s coat or be denied access to a public execution. The bizarre situation reflects the utter lunacy of Christian-driven law that, in the name of Pro-life, Alabama outlaws and makes a felony to transport someone out of the state for abortion services, all while condemning a person to death while worrying about a woman’s skirt being too short. Perhaps the state thought the audience would be too distracted by the show of a woman’s leg to concentrate on the extinguishing of the man’s life. 

Did the state officials worry that the condemned man might be aroused with sinful thoughts as he took his last breath?

Yet neither Shatara nor her company, Alabama Media Group, viewed this as out-of-control Christian purity culture dictating policy. Instead, they condemned the incident as a “sexist and an egregious breach of professional conduct. And it should not happen to any other reporter again,” begging the question of what do they think caused this ridiculous incident?

In an amazing turn of absurd reasoning, Sky News reported Alabama officials believe the man deserved to die for killing his girlfriend, and the execution sends the message “that Alabama stands with victims of domestic violence.”

As long as those victims don’t wear revealing skirts and open-toe shoes, right?

This circumstance reveals perfectly the problem with Christian-dominated politics that spends resources killing prisoners and controlling women’s behavior while Alabama suffers the worst poverty in the developed world, reported by Newsweek in 2017, along with the United Nations concerns for,

Economic inequality and racial discrimination have also been linked with civil rights abuses, particularly in Alabama and other states across the South. Police shootings of unarmed black men and women are also of deep concern to the U.N.

This reporter’s experience is probably far more common than most know since many women who endure this oppression likely don’t report it. Shatara’s situation and the recent right-wing lune who verbally accosted AOC on the steps of the Capital are likely to become more frequent and worsen in the loss of women’s bodily rights under the increasingly Christian-dominated politics that controls people’s lives and condemns them to poverty.

Perhaps reporters need to start looking hard at the underlying causes of these incidents: Christian-driven politics. 

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