An Exciting New Year! Hopefully, With Less Christians

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An Exciting New Year! Hopefully, With Less Christians

Out with the Old & In With the New

We apologize for our late newsletter for October 2022 but transitioning to the new website presented some technical hurdles requiring attention. 

We are up and running now!

As most of you might have noticed, we started delivering our newsletter with complete stories or sometimes with excerpts. This change occurred because Christian Pollution still has a large readership on Medium we did not wish to abandon. Any story we publish on Medium will be available in its entirety for you via email.

Terry Trueman and I have also launched another website, Just Weighing, which explores ideas from health, career, wisdom, relationships, and more. While Christian Pollution breaks down the indoctrination of Christianity, we felt that mission left some readers directionless, especially those wrestling with indoctrination. This new website provides a critical thought-building solution to escape religion and the self-help industry that preys on Christians and ex-Christians. You may find articles linked on Christian Pollution to Just Weighing or copies emailed to you when we feel these discussions provide value. 

Don’t worry; your email address is safe! Neither Christian Pollution nor Just Weighing sells and never will sell your personal information.

Looking Ahead

What can you expect from the new year? More Christian myth-busting by Terry Trueman and me as we post new articles and more books to follow Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities. You will also see more books from Just Weighing as our collaboration expands. 

We will continue to give books away to members, so please check your spam folder and be sure we are in your contacts! We sent links to many people to collect books, and they went ignored, most likely due to sitting in a junk folder. If you would like to check to see if you have a book waiting, send us an email inquiry

You can also expect more articles exposing Christian fraud and how it impacts life, such as “The End of The United States.” We will also concentrate efforts to expose Christian violations of Church and State and show how they siphon public funds into their organizations by skirting the law.

Much more content is on the way!

We thank you for your readership and promise to continue bringing you original articles and books to clear the air of Christian pollution in 2023.

Happy New Year!

Vincent Triola