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Army of the Brain Dead

June’s Overturning of Roe vs. Wade & January 6 Committee Horror Shows: Will Christian madness ever end?

June has been a sad month filled with Christian madness, most notable the stomping of women’s rights in preparation to eviscerate healthcare, marriage rights, gender equality, and many other hard-fought liberties. I don’t know about you, but surrounded by Christians, life feels split between rotting in jail and debating science while smoking meth in the dayroom of a nuthouse. Nothing exemplifies this feeling more than Roe vs. Wade’s overturning just after the January sixth committee paraded before the nation Republicans opposing Trump. Day Three of the Committee exalted Mike Pence as a god-fearing Christian who went against his party and President to uphold the Constitution. Never have I seen a bunch of Christians break their arms patting another Christian on the back with such exuberance.

Army of the Brain Dead

I suppose Mike Pence deserves some credit for performing his job, and the Committee’s praise comes as no surprise since they aim to convince the more-insane-than-other Christians who believe everything the Trump savior says — and still do. If you haven’t had a chance to watch January 6th hearings, you should make time, especially for Day three, since nothing proves just how badly Christianity damages the United States in the perceived need to cater to the Christians.

Army of the Brain Dead

Trying to convince millions of crazy Christians to turn on Trump by praising Mike Pence as a great Christian, along with all the Republicans who testified against Trump, exhibits the logic of hiring cat burglars as bank security. It should not shock anyone that the committee turned day three into a bible quoting discussion complete with asking Republicans how their faith got them through the insurrection danger.

Pathetic and dumb!

Does the committee believe this ploy will work on lunatics who think Trump is the savior? Clearly, it has not since the Supreme Court, filled with Trump sycophants, had no qualms about toppling women’s rights. Worse yet, if the January 6th committee does not result in Trump being punished (substantially), then their dog and pony show makes Mike Pence a hero along with many other Christians when Trump waves a hand and says, “I forgive you.” The idiot Christians following him forget, and everyone else continues suffering the loss of rights and economic instability caused by the Christian-led GOP.

What a horror show!

Army of the Brain Dead

In response to the Christian oppression impacting women, Christian Pollution will concentrate on ways for women to protect themselves against Christofascism. Topics of these articles will include healthcare, rape reporting, and many other points that a woman hasn’t had to think about for over fifty years. 

Despite all the Christian madness in June, we saw a rise in readership and memberships taking us to about twenty-five new readers a month. We expect this number to keep rising as people finally seem to be wising up to the Christian problem. Some of our growth we can attribute to our humor. In the face of all the terrible Christian harm, we find the strength to laugh at them. Terry Trueman poked at Christian dating in his “Christian Sex and Love” while I dug deep into the “The Cultural Importance of Guns in Christianity,” both irreverent and perhaps even enlightening humor.

Of course, though we hate doing so, we acknowledge that Pastor Christian T. Roll published his latest sermons, “Abortinator: Rise of the Christians” and “Ted Cruz’s Guns for Kids Education Program.” Both are good reads if you’re into that mega-church fanatic’s evangelical Abrahamic brand.

One last announcement for writers; last month, several folks contacted us about writing, and I received no response after answering their emails.

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