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Christian = Christian

Christian Arrogance

In the US, seventy percent of the population identifies as Christian, belonging to hundreds of sects, with each brand of Jesus interpreting differently the same God, Savior, Bible, and Holy Spirit. Yet when anyone criticizes Christianity for racism, inequality, violence, classism, or anything, Christians moan, “That’s not the real Christianity!”

There’s no Distinction Between Christians

In the US, openness and critical evaluation are taught to liberal minds to avoid overgeneralizing and committing the guilt by association fallacy. The Christian is not taught this ideology but instead selfish Christian inclusiveness, excluding all other religions, spiritualism, agnosticism, and atheism. By shared identity, Christians, whether they complain about each other or not, hate outsiders more.

Christian solidarity illustrates best in their lack of action. Fundamentalist, racist Christians like the KKK and white nationalists are unsavory to some evangelical Christians and even larger groups such as Catholics or Protestants, but you rarely see these mainstream groups protesting and trying to stop hate’s proliferation. Why?

Because stopping fundamentalists is not in their interests.

If more “mainstream” Christian denominations truly supported BLM, Antifa, or just equal rights, they would be out protesting and forming coalitions opposing these splinter groups they claim misrepresent them. Instead, you’re more likely to hear them say, “Well, they have freedom of speech.”

The vast majority of Christians don’t give a shit about a small fundamentalist faction seeking to enforce inequality. If the fundamentalists win, which they are nearing, the results mostly align with the ‘mainstream’ Christians’ goals or benefit them, specifically in shared ideology,

  • Abortion is condemned almost universally by Christian groups Women are considered subservient to men
  • Mainstream religions control resources under a white male hierarchy reinforced by doctrine
  • Homosexuals, transgenders, other religions, nonwhites, and any group not fitting the Christian mold are pushed to the edge of society to maintain privilege.


Sure, Christians don’t agree universally on these topics, and some may even oppose these values, but they are all afforded at least the benefit of being Christian. If you’re Black or Asian and call yourself Christian, you at least become part of the Christian hierarchy that currently controls the US, providing the illusion of opportunity to climb the capitalist ladder. That is why race becomes intrinsically tied with Christianity, specifically white Christian nationalism, to prevent the undesirables from receiving too much power.

Sadly, all Christians fighting the white Christian nationalist scourge, like the small parishes that support Antifa and other protestors, become unwilling partners with the majority Christian movement. Like non-Christians, these small Christian groups become snared in distinguishing sects, which wastes time and energy because these tiny groups lack the resource and power to stop the mainstream Christians. If they truly wish to help, they will distinguish themselves and raise their voice above the din of hate-spewing Christians they condemn.

Until then, these sects are just part of the problem.

Christian Arrogance

So privileged are Christians that they condemn all Muslims as violent while demanding distinction drawn between Christian sects. Herds of uneducated Christians roam the US, ignorantly condemning China for communism and France for socialism, lacking any knowledge of these nations except what their charlatan leaders spit from the pulpit. Yet Christians demand we know all the diversities intrinsic to them. Why?

Because the philosophic disease of Christianity dictates Christians are the best, specifically white, American Christians.

Not blaming Christians and trying to separate them is a fool’s errand, diverting us from the battle and the truth.

Christian = Christian

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