Christian Dominated Media Spins, Virtue Signals, & Fear Mongers

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Christian Dominated Media Spins, Virtue Signals, & Fear Mongers

Welcome to Christian News! As if you had a choice.

Media cannot exempt itself from the Christian domination and in many ways fuels Christian control by pandering to the believers. Too easy is the Christian audience primed with irrationality and a willingness to believe anything that coincides with its retarded values. Media companies and reporters are not stupid and purposely censor news to appeal or avoid offending Christians –– not matter the truth.

Houston Hannah ~ White Christian Man, Listen!

White Christian Man, be scared, be brave, vote GOP!

Fox News Reporters

White Christian man, why do you vote Democrat? Why you not love Jesus? Why you hate America? Why you traitor, White Christian man?

Your government has betrayed you. There is nothing noble about your politics. There is no reason why you should resist GOP and God’s love. You will never defeat the forces of Jesus. The Atheist never learn. Will you, White Christian man?

We report to you truth, White Christian man.
We report to you truth, White Christian man. You smart, White Christian man. Why you vote Democrat when truth stare you in face?

Look at what you do. You destroy your family, church, and country and rest of world laugh at you. Why your government help foreigners come to America and to give them money and businesses? Why you give foreign aid when Americans suffer? Why you support lazy people? Why you let atheist run country into ground? Jesus want you to protect USA. White Christian Man, Democrats destroy America unity, bring violence to capital, protest to murder babies. Why you vote Democrat, White Christian man? Why you hurt your family and country?

Join Army of Jesus and save America!
Join Army of Jesus and save America!

You need vote Republican, White Christian man!

Secular government make bad things happen, White Christian man. They let homosex destroy family. They make murder baby okay for women. They cause school shootings by taking bibles out of schools. They take Jesus away and let women be whores. They lie and say America for nonChristians and take all your money and give to people who don’t deserve it.

Why don’t you see problem, White Christian man? People like Spike Lee use Hollywood to lie to you. Blackman steal America. Blackman violent. Blackman murder. Blackman take your white women. Blackman want your tax dollar to not work and live on welfare. Blackman enemy of God’s country. White Christian man, you are Jesus warrior, now join the army and vote GOP.

Look at your watch, White Christian man, America time running out! Rapist Mexican man come to take over country. He bring drugs, crime, and make gangs. Your jobs slip away with each minute. Soon White Christian men will all be gone and your grandsons and granddaughters will speak Spanish.

Death and defeat come with tick of clock!

Look at China, White Christian man. Do you see them taking over world? Communists surround America and bring virus to your family. Do you want your family to die, White Christain man? Do you want to be slave of China and have to learn Chinese? Do you want Chinamen to take your money and redistribute it? Do you want to lose everything you work for? Your wife? Your children? Jesus? Why you listen to your lying government, White Christian man? Do you want to be conquered?

Liberal lie to you, White Christian man. Liberal say you pollute environment, but that lie. There no global warming. There no pollution. Ozone just fine. Arctic no melt. High gas price real problem. They make up climate problem to make you pay more taxes and make going to work more expensive. They want you not making money. They want you to give up God-given right to murder animal. They want you to think Jesus would let man destroy earth.

Liberal lie to you, White Christian man!

Your atheist government lie to you all the time, White Christian man. They say you are wrong and you are devil. You are cause of problems and they no want you here. They are real racists. Why do you vote Democrat, White Christian man? You are hurting yourself by letting government take your right to guns away. White Christian man, you need to fight evil secular government that takes your freedom. Tell them you want Bibles in schools. Tell them you want guns in schools. Tell them you want kids read Word of Jesus, not textbooks. Tell them you want save souls by arresting women to stop them from murdering baby. Tell them you want all women be Christian to manage kids and home, like scripture say. Tell them you want death penalty to save lives. Tell them you want America white again.

Stand with the righteous, White Christian man!
Stand with the righteous, White Christian man!

You tell them, White Christian man, by voting GOP!

The Christian Spin of George Floyd & Gabby Petito

The Christian Propaganda Machine

Jesus Fish Image credit: Obert Madondo, “Forgotten Sisters”

Christianity is an inclusive religion that mandates “spreading the Word” or evangelizing non-Christians, and one of the ways this philosophic disease proliferates is through propaganda. Every Christian is a willing or unwilling propagandist, indoctrinated with this cognitive cancer that tells them they are better than everyone else. In a majority Christian society, their propaganda shapes policy, law, and perceptions ­­– not for the better.

If you grew up in the US, you are polluted with Christianity regardless of believing the religion because Christian ideas and practices infect American society not just in words but in law and institutions. National Holidays, like Christmas, provide a clear example of the law accommodating Christians, which until recent decades, were almost entirely reserved for Christians. Throughout the US, many cities and towns are predominantly Christian, and living in this diseased environment makes one assume everyone is Christian. For this reason, Christians are prone to arrogance and ethnocentrism, offending non-Christians. I witnessed a Christian woman once quit Facebook after her many non-white and non-Christian friends became angry with her “innocent” talk about George Floyd and counter-protestors,

I understand why people get upset, but the counter protestors have their freedom of speech also.

Incidents like these are common on social media because all Christians become propagandists, willing or unwilling. Christianity’s indoctrination makes them believe freedom of speech is the real problem, not the Blackman having his life crushed out of him by the grinning white cop’s knee. No, Christians, in complete lack of critical thought, look to the charlatans and online trolls for the answers they need. From the pulpit or on social media, these Christian “leaders” make bizarre pseudo philosophical arguments to justify things like George Floyd’s death, most notably,

“If people didn’t commit crimes, police wouldn’t hassle them.”

“All lives matter.”

“There’s no systemic racism in the US — just bad personal choices.”

The mindless Christian accepts this information without question because faith dictates the truth. They repeat this nonsense to fellow Christians or anyone listening, thereby spreading the propaganda to form solidarity, not at all unlike the old Soviet Union party members referring to one another as “Comrade” and sloganizing capitalists as pigs. In the same vein Soviet propaganda sought to support party goals, so propaganda unifies Christianity with purpose.

The Goal of Christian Propaganda

Christian propaganda wraps itself in capitalism, patriotism, race, and purity with the only intent to undermine the liberty of all non-Christians and non-whites for economic gain. Why else would Christians take to arms when presented with Black Lives Matters? Why else would they elect a racist, narcissistic President?

Because willing or unwilling, aware or unaware, the Christian supports a system of financial gain and resource control that benefits them alone, primarily those at the top.

Evangelists and other charlatans must argue anything that detracts from this goal of maintaining power, explaining perfectly why Christians raise hell, not over George Floyd’s death, but the rioters breaking the law. Not Kyle Rittenhouse traveling across the country to become a vigilante, but because he was prosecuted for his actions. Anything that negates Christianity’s core ideology of capitalism, patriotism, race, and purity, the Christian must fight.

BLM is the enemy, not the police killing black Americans. Personal freedom and second amendment right are on the line, not Rittenhouse’s vigilantism.

Perhaps the most compelling view of Christian Propaganda comes from emotionally jarring stories like Gabby Petito’s murder. Clearly seen is the rally of the majority white Christian society to save the white woman or bring to justice her killer.

If this were not the case, missing girls of color would make the news.

Emotionally charged crimes, like Gabby Petito’s murder, Christian charlatans love using to present propaganda to rally and consolidate believers. Why else would Christians attack an idea like “missing white woman syndrome” when white women receive most media attention?

The Christian enrages over the tragedy of Gabby Petito, praying for the family, pressuring Christian police and Christian media who all react with indifference to nonwhites and non-Christians. Why? Because Christians are the propaganda machine’s automatons programmed by charlatans and Christian “news”:

According to critical race theorists, Petito shouldn’t be solely remembered as a victim of murder — she should also be remembered as a beneficiary of white privilege. Particularly, they believe she’s the latest major example of what they’ve termed, “missing white woman syndrome.”

“Missing white woman syndrome” suggests Western culture — and the world as a whole — reinforces white supremacy and white privilege by prioritizing missing white women over non-white missing women. It suggests racism is the basis for why missing white women disproportionately receive more attention than missing non-white women.

If you’re surprised critical race theorists would force supposed racism into Gabby Petito’s case, you shouldn’t be. Critical race theory is designed to identify the supposed role of racism in every facet of society. ~The Christian Post (Don’t worry; I took pictures because we know how Christians censor!)

No, it’s not the endless list of non-Christians and non-whites streaming across the missing person’s webpages that go unsolved; it’s all a fabrication of the critical race theorists. Now reveals the ugliness of Christian propaganda that uses murdered and endangered people to prop itself up and maintain power. Christian propaganda says, “It’s not systemic racism; it’s not the murdered Blackmen; it’s not missing or murdered non-whites and non-Christians. We would never act that way. We’re Christians! No, it’s the left, the liberals, and the critical race theorists who are the real problem.”

Only Christian propaganda could warp a mind into believing that desiring equal justice promised by law is a conspiracy against Christians.

Christianity Causes Trumpism — No way!

Leading Scientists Confirm Christian Stupidity Leads to Trumpism

Christianity Causes Trumpism

Today’s reading of the New York Times “The Morning” newsletter made me laugh when seeing National Political Correspondent Lisa Lerer’s reporting,

For years, pundits and political strategists have speculated about Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party. It is an essential question for the party and, as a result, the country: Could there be Trumpism without Trump? And what, exactly, would that look like?

Lerer’s reporting reveals the tragedy of US media outlets carefully spoon-feeding readers political news either suffering the same stupidity or avoiding Christian outrage, perhaps both. What will it take to comprehend the Christian problem?

Christianity Causes Trumpism — No way!

Though realizing I might be wrong, part of me refuses to believe Americans are this dense. Trumpism without Jesus is like bread made without flour. If not oblivious, media and political pundits must engage in some form of self-censorship, fearing to alienate Christian readers. By censoring themselves, these sources deliberately or unintentionally pander to Christian readers in a way that makes me wish they were just thickheaded.

Their approach to reporting forms an around-the-issue strategy when discussing Trumpism, which hurts everyone with a misleading and inaccurate view. 

How can we possibly deal with the rise of authoritarian politics if we cannot openly discuss a primary component driving this ideology?

Christianity Causes Trumpism — No way!

History shows neither authoritarianism nor theocracy benefits the average person. Wrapping both in the same politics spells disaster, which I am not sure can be avoided at this juncture. The tremendous number of Christians in the US who do not understand the severity of the problem, or worse yet, believe this politics is a good idea, have no idea how bad Trumpism will be for them.

Do right-leaning Christians who are not complete loons honestly believe life will be good under Trumpian leadership? Having a Jesus-infused government seems like a great idea until they realize they have no government support when things go wrong. In the Trumpian narrative, the Christ-led GOP controlling government will do away with big government, ending many social programs. After four years of Trump, the evidence of this theocratic governing presents readily in the new job creation and increased standard of living, correct? FactCheck says otherwise,

After-tax corporate profits went up, and the stock market set new records. The S&P 500 index rose 67.8%.

The international trade deficit Trump promised to reduce went up…in 2020 was the highest since 2008 and increased 40.5% from 2016.

The number of people lacking health insurance rose by 3 million.

The federal debt held by the public went up, from $14.4 trillion to $21.6 trillion.

The economy lost 2.9 million jobs. The unemployment rate increased by 1.6 percentage points to 6.3%.

Who do Christians think will benefit from this small government that clears the policy road for big business and rich people to trickle down the wealth? 

Not the poor Christians who suffered enough to believe Trump would make America great again. Those people have it worse now because of Trumponomics — but not corporations and rich people! Hey, but Christianity is the truth, so who cares about the facts?

Christianity Causes Trumpism — No way!

The media and experts should care.

We saw the direction Trump took the GOP that continues following that path toward destroying or controlling the press. News media and experts should be reporting the deep-rooted causes of Trumpism, focused on Christianity since pandering by censoring themselves for Christians benefits the Trumpers, keeping those Christians who believe the right-wing propaganda in the dark by using their religion against them. Blaming evangelical fundamentalists or imposter Christianity is not enough because Christians need awareness of the large numbers of mainstream Christians who believe in Trumpism. By clarifying the Trumpism problem, liberal Christians have no choice but to save their religion or allow it to be perverted further into authoritarianism.

Trumpism is a Christian problem.

How Christians Virtue Signal

Jesusing: The True Virtue Signaling

How Christians Virtue Signal

Christianity is a self-absorbed, selfish religion that fuses with every aspect of a person’s life. The effect of this philosophic disease manifests in a constant state of Jesusing (talk that represents Christians) that underpins all conversations, thoughts, politics, behaviors, and communications, always with a hidden agenda of evangelizing but more so as a means of showing solidarity.

Jesusing is Virtue Signaling

Jesusing presents clearly from the born-again waving his bible or Christian screaming at a Trump rally. Even on social media, Christians display little crucifixes on their profiles or proudly describe themselves as “Christian,” but most Jesusing takes the form of virtue signaling: an idea Christian conservatives conveniently and inevitably coopted as an insidious act of the liberal, Marxist, nonbelievers, and atheists. Virtue signaling is a form of subtext that lets other Christians know each other and herds them with purpose.

They couch their value statements in daily conversations to spread “the word” but more so to rally each other in opposition to whatever bothers them or what they deem unchristian. You’ve seen this many times, especially in social media comments embedded with Christian values,

“Cursing is bad.” Meaning bad non-Christians curse.

“I hate selfish people.” Meaning bad non-Christians are selfish.

“Being a victim is a choice.” Meaning bad non-Christians blame others for their problems, even if they were raped.

“He’s a good family man.” Meaning he is an upstanding father because he is Christian and you are not a good family man if you’re not a Christian.

Virtue signaling mires in subjective ambiguity, making strong the desire to write it off as nonsense until seen in action. So subjective is the virtue signaling’s accusation almost anyone can declare someone’s moral stance as a form of virtue signaling. For this reason, virtue-signaling should never focus on general normative statements or behaviors. A white person who takes advantage of privilege while screaming Black Lives Matter on social media may be virtue signaling but more likely is just a hypocrite. The more formative identification of virtue signaling investigates the appeal of such a person’s statement concerning a group. For instance, Donald Trump presents himself as a populist, a man of the people, meaning all people, yet consistently opposed gay rights, denied racial equality, and sided with Christian nationalists. When Kyle Rittenhouse received exoneration, Trump’s declaration, “A nice young man,” meant “he’s a good Christian” or “non-Christian, democrats, and antiracists are the bad people.”

Seen through this lens, most virtue-signaling accusations are meaningless since they are too prone to interpretation. Any Christian could immediately claim this article forms a virtue-signaling of antichristian values or specifically, “Vince makes himself the good guy by criticizing Christians.”

These Christians are wrong.

Virtue signaling is a deceptive tactic because it disguises an attack as a virtue. I am not being deceptive; I am openly criticizing Christians for using virtue signaling as a means of rallying and spreading their nonsense.

I am not signaling; I am arguing a point.

Christians instead use virtue signaling like a secret handshake to point out enemies and learn who is Christian and who is not. The practice is deceptive because they appear to make innocuous value statements (Jesusing) when building solidarity and closing ranks.

Conservative media outlets prove virtue signaling is Jesusing. In 2015, The Spectator, a conservative magazine, published the article “Easy Virtue,” which appears to be a discussion concerning virtue signaling but is instead a propaganda piece intended to rally conservatives, and by default Christians, against specific liberal ideas. Author James Bartholomew writes,

Mishal Husain [British news anchor for BBC Television] was particularly aggressive to Nigel Farage [Leader of the Brexit Party from 2019 to 2021]…interrupting him mid-sentence, insinuating that he is racist or that, even if he isn’t, his membership is. She would doubtless like to believe that she was being tough but fair. But another force within her was stronger. Mishal was ‘virtue signalling’ indirectly — indicating that she has the right, approved, liberal media-elite opinions, one of which is despising Ukip and thus, most importantly, advertising that she is not racist.

Reading the transcript of the interview shows Husain asking tough questions and perhaps being harsh but still valid, wanting Farage to confirm and deny racist elements concerning his constituency:

Transcript Excerpt

What appears as a typical heated political debate Bartholomew declares virtue signaling for the reason,

When she [Husain] later goes to a dinner party attended by other members of the media elite, she will be welcomed and approved for having displayed the approved, virtuous views.

Yes, that is why the reporter asks a potential candidate hard questions concerning racist ties; to signal her fake virtue to gain approval from the media elite.

Bartholomew engages in the very act of virtue signaling he accuses Husain. How do we know Bartholomew is virtue signaling because his entire article focuses on examples of left-leaning people virtue signaling. His deceptiveness appears to the Christian or conservative to show the real villains. We know he is doing this because he presents no example of any right-leaning person signaling. Clearly biased, Bartholomew gives a ridiculous reason for Husain’s signaling to reinforce the Christian, conservative belief that the media is a left-controlled, unreliable news system. He is Jesusing, plainly seen in the fact that he adds a moral component to his discussion of signaling exemplified in his example of comedians signaling to win audiences,

Comedians make use of virtue signaling of the vituperative kind. With the right audience they can get laughs scorning the usual suspects: Ukip, the Daily Mail, Eton, bankers and the rest. The audience enjoys the caricaturing of all of these, sneering at them and, in the process, joining together as a congregation of the righteously contemptuous. What a delight to display your virtue, feel confirmed in your views, enjoy a sense of community, let off some anger and have a laugh all at the same time! It is so easy, too!

The comedians couldn’t possibly be making fun of conservatives because they see them as malevolent, irrational people. No, the comedians distort these upstanding people and organizations because they’re bad — unchristian. Don’t believe me? Follow Batholomew’s digital trail from the Spectator to the Museum of Communist Terror. How unsurprising a destination, considering communists are the great enemy of the Christian.

Wherever you see conservatives accusing or discussing virtue signaling, you can rest assured they are Jesusing, thereby committing the sin to which they point the finger.

Why Christians Needn’t Fear This Whole “Nuclear War” Thing

Hallelujah & shit...

Why Christians Needn’t Fear This Whole “Nuclear War” Thing

When the Bombs detonated, in D.C. and New York, it took several minutes way out here on the left coast, before we even knew anything about it. I’ll tell you the truth, though, no one seemed to feel too bad about all the politicians being vaporized. I mean the good God-fearin’ ones were okay no matter what and the rest . . . who cared?

I mean, we weren’t pleased, Of course,

But congress being blown to smithereens along with the President and his cabinet and all that shit, and the media and the really rich captains of industry and lawyers, all of them, zapped out of existence in those big flashes… Let’s just be honest and admit that most people were more angry about the interruption to their favorite T.V. Programs (Hell, we were ankle-deep in a really excellent Christian Crime mini-series about a school-shooter and the dog that loved him, but I digress).

As I was saying, most people were mostly just pissed-off that somebody had the audacity to actually drop the bombs on us after all we’d done to make the world a better place and safe for freedom-loving Christian democracies and such.

Anyway, after a few weeks of confusion and inconvenience, everything went back to pretty much normal.

And we all realized that this whole nuclear bomb thing was, like, wayyyy over-rated, Not really that big a deal at all.

We got some new politicians, mostly guys competing to show how much more mad they were than their opponents at whoever had bombed us: Amazingly intense, mostly older white dudes, foaming at the mouths and spitting all over the place, heck they coulda been TV evangelists or selling stain-removers, — they were THAT good and that anxious to prove it by us dropping atom bombs on all the various countries that might have bombed us first.

We were never real clear about who that was, so we just fucked them all up.

You can never be too safe!

And then, like I said, everything went back to sorta normal.

There were some GREAT sales on slightly radioactive goods from the eastern seaboard,

Cool shit that glowed in the dark, REALLY amazing prices

And why not, We heard some mumbo-jumbo from the so-called “Scientific Community” about so-called “Health-risks” but, you know, nobody has paid attention to any of that since the last half a dozen COVIDs. After all, we’re ‘Mericans, our motto is, “Nobody lives forever.” (unless they love Jesus enough, of course).

Personally, and this is just my view, one man’s opinion, although I think many of my fellow citizens share it, There’s nothing to worry about in regards this whole nuclear annihilation thing. Don’t sweat it, it’s all okay.

Seriously, don’t even think about it.

Now gas prices, that’s a whole new ballgame; “Hang Mike Pence!!! HANG MIKE PENCE!!!”

Jesus Fish
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