Christianity is The Fascist Problem No One Will Discuss

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Christianity is The Problem No One Will Discuss

The Fascist Underpinnings of Liberal Democracy is Christianity

Lecturer Ben Whitham, in the Conversation, discusses how “authoritarian tendencies are part of the fabric of the liberal democratic state”. These tendencies can be seen in historical examples of racism and colonization. Examples of minorities subjected to police brutality and financial inequality show these tendencies persist in the modern world. Whitman makes excellent points and ends his discussion claiming that, “Until we can recognise that western liberal democracy itself contains the seeds of fascism, and develop viable alternatives, it remains an ever-present danger.”

Though Whitman wrote only a brief discussion of this problem, his argument is clear but like many political talks, he never fully elaborates on those fascist underpinnings of liberal democracy. I am sure in a longer discourse he would detail these points, but his article does reflect how racism, colonization, and other fascist elements serve to reinforce white supremacy. To add to this discussion, because it is vital, I submit Christianity.

I do not know about Whitman, but most scholars and political leaders talk around the Christian problem as though pointing to classism, colonialization, or racism is enough to understand the growing fascist problem when, in actuality, Christianity fuels fascism.

An Obvious Issue

Christianity underpinning western liberal democracy requires no great insight or endless exposition. Christianity is the dominant religion in western culture and this domination, whether deliberate or not, can inspire fascist thinking. The entire basis of Christianity, Christians will gladly tell you this, is to have faith, which by definition is to believe without question the Bible (however a sect interprets), in God and Jesus. Again, these are subject to various interpretations but faith in these elements of the religion is not debatable. Any idea that lacks doubt, demanding faith, is fascist by nature since it is a demand to believe unquestioningly.

Fascist ideologies have various definitions, but ultimately, most could agree that fascism is a system of governing that embodies “extreme nationalism, militarism, and the supremacy of the nation over the individual.”

Nation Over Individual

Because Christianity demands faith it denies the individual their right to critically examine the religion just the way individuals in fascist states are not allowed to question leadership or law. Most apparent is this supremacy over the individual when viewed from the point of children who are not given the autonomy to choose their religions but instead indoctrinated from birth. This continuous generational indoctrination is ongoing forcing a religious worldview onto millions of people while conveniently creating more Christians to support the church.

The deep bias for living in a Christian-dominated society makes this perspective of the religion difficult to see and Christians rationalize this fascist behavior by claiming they are protecting their children and giving them a strong morality. Teaching a child sex education based on safety and practicality is protecting them. Teaching them to believe sex is something sinful and dirty to be avoided is indoctrination. Similarly, teaching kids to have respect for others and their property is moral while threatening kids to obey under threat of eternal damnation is indoctrination. There are countless examples of how Christianity holds supremacy over individuals.

Extreme Nationalism

You do not need to look far to see the examples of extreme nationalism in Christianity. One of the most well-known examples of religious fascism is the Vatican's support for Benito Mussolini's fascist regime in Italy during the 1920s and 1930s. The Catholic Church, seeking to maintain its influence and power, aligned itself with the fascist government, even going so far as to sign the Lateran Treaty, which granted the Vatican sovereignty and significant political concessions. Similarly, the Catholic Church in Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco's fascist dictatorship actively promoted the regime's authoritarian ideology and suppressed dissent.

Ignoring for a moment the evangelicals who wrap themselves in the American flag, Christianity itself, its various sects, reflect extreme nationalism. Mormons have successfully occupied Utah, controlling lawmaking and economic opportunities. The Catholic church is its own country, possessing a seat on the United Nations. Within the US, Catholics dominate healthcare by owning large numbers of hospitals and controlling what types of healthcare can be dispensed most notably abortion. It is not just healthcare, Christians control adoption, foster care programs, businesses, and almost the entire government is comprised of Christian representatives and judges. To say that Christianity is unconcerned with nationalism when it seeks to codify and enforce its values by controlling every position in government is as ludicrous as it is untrue.


Christianity in the US, in the majority, backs the military. The evidence of Christian belief in militarism can be seen in the voting of Christians which in the majority is Republican and Republicans without a doubt support a strong military, whether at war or not. Throughout history, Christianity has been at the center of many conflicts most notably Holy Wars but also the Catholics vs Protestants with their long war in Ireland and the  Srebrenica massacre of 8000 Bosniak Muslims. For a religion that talks so much about peace and love, Christianity often finds itself in the center of wars.

The Fascist Underpinning Ignored

Despite mountains of evidence and the obvious nature of Christian fascism, bias blinds the average person and the scholar alike. They claim "its not the majority of Christians, those aren’t the real Christians, there are many liberal Christians, and Christians are too diverse to be called fascists." Yet the fact remains that slavers in the New World were Christians, the inequality of the law today that brutalizes Blacks and Asians finds greatest support from Christians, and the movement towards Christian Nationalism stems from the Christian-dominated Republican party. The fascist underpinning of liberal democracy in America is Christianity, and nothing is going to change until Christianity is abandoned for a secular critical thought.

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