Christians are the most persecuted people in the world!

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Christians are the most persecuted people in the world!

Christians at NEAR genocide levels.

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I reckon you only talk about the US, which perhaps you think is the only country worth mentioning as a rule. Should you choose to educate yourself and widen your horizons, you would quickly learn that Christians are indeed the most-persecuted religious group in the world and have been for many years. ~Comment by Michele Ramarini 

Dear Reader,
Thank you for enlightening me with your well-researched fact concerning Christian persecution. Sadly, someone fooled me into believing Christians persecuted everyone, including their fellow believers, like Black Christians and Asian Christians. What a dastardly trick! I am eternally grateful to you for so clearly articulating the truth and proving no Christian would lie or misstate facts to prove a point.

No, the media, scholars, journalists, and other agents of lies lured me into the conspiracy. Just look at how they so blatantly craft deceit to resemble truth in my exploration of Bing’s Artificial Intelligence,

According to some sources, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. However, this may depend on how persecution is defined and measured. Other sources suggest that most religions face persecution somewhere.

Some of the factors that contribute to Christian persecution include authoritarian regimes, Islamic extremism, nationalism, and social hostility.

And what sources does this multimillion-dollar, complex algorithm claim as facts?

  1. Townhall
  2. The Sun
  3. BBC
  4. CATO
  5. Christianity Today

Yes, so cunning are these AI-driven searches they try to convince innocent readers of bias by showing mostly right-leaning Christian think tanks and media as sources. Most notably, this persecution reveals when investigation of one of these sources showed it based findings on another biased source that misstated Pew’s Global Uptick in Government Restrictions on Religion in 2016 report.

Artificial intelligence, my ass! You can’t fool me anymore with your lies, Bing.

Luckily, you showed me the BBC article, which Bing did no doubt by accident, that revealed the BBC reported a “review, led by the Bishop of Truro the Right Reverend Philip Mounstephen” and ordered by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, claims “Christians in parts of the world is at near “genocide” levels.” Reporting someone’s claim makes it true! Brilliant!

The truth cannot hide from Christians!

We now have confirmation from the BBC that minority Christian groups living in Jewish, Islamic, or Buddhist countries face near genocide conditions. They are quite nearly rounded up and thrown in boxcars and sent to concentration camps. They are quite nearly suffering “unwarranted arrests, imprisonment, beating, torture, and execution” by their governments. They are quite nearly ethnically cleansed, like the Srebrenica massacre of 8000 Bosniak Muslims.

Yes, the horror of near-genocide levels cannot be overstated!

Thank you for showing me the truth. This fraud likely comes as no surprise to someone so wise, but I thought it worth stating, even if only to echo the persecution you knew Christians already suffered.

God bless you!

Jesus Fish