Christians love to think of themselves as the ever-persecuted minority…

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Christians love to think of themselves as the ever-persecuted minority…

Could not have said it better!

I love that final stab. Christians love to think of themselves as the ever-persecuted minority bravely carrying a banner of Truth, yet they have absolutely no problem ostracizing, and actually persecuting those whose views don’t align with their own. (Also, you’re NOT alone in your opinions.) ~K. M. Lang

Dear Reader,
Thank you for your candor. Many people share similar opinions they cannot express due to living in Christian-dominated areas or risking the loss of family. Never has a religion promoted the persecution complex amongst adherents so profoundly: an absurdity revealed in Christianity’s domination of the US. How Christians in the US believe this fantasy is a glaring indicator that Christianity inflicts neurosis or stupidity.

I lean towards Christianity as a pathology since persecution manifests like the clinical version, in which believers warp their worldview in a delusion others target them. I have discussed this issue in the past, relating how Christianity makes believers insane enough to believe themselves denied some fictitious right. Most notably, Christian men see themselves as the pinnacle of society, ordained by God via their penis to lead women and anyone else they can bully or trick into believing. They become prone to misogyny, becoming INCELs, and exalting themselves in patriarchy. It should come as no surprise that domestic abuse “against women tends to be reported more often by victims who are in a relationship with a man with more conservative religious views than their own, regardless of whether or not the couple is of the same or different religions or denominations.”

Sometimes you just have to put the woman in her place, right?

As you said, “they have absolutely no problem ostracizing, and actually persecuting, those whose views don’t align with their own,” and when they persecute, the impact is often tremendously worse than any perceived injustice they suffer. Minorities (most notably Black Americans) struggled under Christian oppression: pushed into ghettos, welfare, joblessness, and prisons only to receive blame for their position. In small-town America, where there is little to no crime, where there are few to no minorities, and where Churches dominate the landscape, Christians blame wokeness, minorities (Blacks in particular), and the liberals for all their woes.

Anyone claiming Christians are not delusional is a fool!

You are also 100% correct that we are not alone. The Christian oppression caging many people in racism, poverty, and lack of opportunity finally has begun diminishing in numbers. With fewer people annually calling themselves Christians, this is a step in the right direction but still far from the theocracy threat Christians wish to create to save their slow-dying religion. It is good to see so many people speaking out against this oppressive pollution called Christianity, but there is a long way to go before it becomes a stain on society and culture, best forgotten.

Thanks 👍