Christians Turn West Virginia Into Breeding Ground

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Christians Turn West Virginia Into Breeding Ground

Christians want to dominate States & Women to Eventually Control the Country.

West Virginia prepares to pass a near-total ban on abortion just as we predicted Christians would on May 4, 2022, stating,

The ultimate goal of the Christian Nationalist is to control all resources in the United States by securing as many states as possible under Christian authority. The elimination of Roe vs. Wade places abortion law in the states’ control, ultimately providing Christians the ability to dominate many states by further reducing women’s power. Using this strategy, Christians will move next to enact harsh abortion laws in their controlled states, (already occurring), and they will use these laws to push out anyone who does not fall in line with these mandates.

Christians are not even trying to hide their intention to dominate states, openly admitting it in a book, no less. In the newly released Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations, Christians echo almost exactly what we predicted.

…after we have attained enough Christians in our nation, we are obliged to peacefully order our state governments in such a way as to help Christianity grow and flourish in our states without restrictions. … The purpose of government, from a Christian perspective, is to preserve and protect the Christian understanding of civilization, otherwise known as Christendom … as opposed to such things as the Marxist understanding of civilization or the Islamic understanding.

Funny, you don’t see all those supposed liberal Christians boycotting that book like they do with other texts and movies. You don’t see Christians leaving bad reviews on the book, which is now up to four hundred in nine days. Where are all those liberal Christians now? Where are all the liberal Christians as West Virginia turns into a theocracy?

What will it take for people to wake up to the Christian threat?

Perhaps people need something truly dystopian, like women being used as incubators to replenish the white Christian ranks. Don’t think that is possible? Well, what the hell was U.S. Representative Mary Miller referring to when she thanked “former President Donald Trump for appointing conservative justices who led the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, she called it a ‘historic victory for white life.’”

As bizarre as it sounds, Christians want to turn individual states into breeding grounds where women are subjugated and forced to carry pregnancies to term. What other possible reason would Christians have for knowingly implementing laws that restrict women’s bodily autonomy and increase the threat of poverty? As disgusting as it sounds, Christians want to replenish their drained ranks to rebuild their “nation” and know the only way to do this is to have complete domination over states to reinforce Christian-based policies and laws.

Women will be used as incubators for Christians!

Why else would Christians not just attempt to outlaw abortion in their states but go after people who try to help someone leave to get an abortion? With the Christian population declining, the only way to maintain power is to control women and produce more Christians. Proving exactly this point from the language in the West Virginia Legislature Resolution 302, the state resolves to protect the mother, which is difficult to imagine since they had fifty years to give women an alternative support option to abortion and have not done it. More interesting is the resolution places blame on “powerful interests to devalue motherhood into a mere option,” then blames “private entities which rely on the labor of women.”

Ah! That is why abortion was legalized because companies needed labor! Not for privacy or bodily autonomy or any other reason!

But the bullshit gets better with the resolution saying women are now protected from “the interests of those men who would enjoy women merely as sexual partners without becoming partners in their sacrifice as mothers.” Christians will make you good parents whether you want to be or not, OR, they will make it tough for women to get child support because they might want to get an abortion if they feel support will be too much trouble to obtain. Yes, you read that correctly! The West Virginia Legislature actually entertained this argument because Christians want women completely dependent on men, not welfare (God knows they don’t support that) or on Christian charity.

Wait, the Christian bullshit gets thicker still!

West Virginia, just like we stated earlier, plans to punish any attempt to assist a mother who desires an abortion, referring to this as “pressure,” not “choice,” as stated,

…this legislature affirms that the law should not center on the punishment of the mother who undergoes an abortion, but rather punish those with intent to destroy her unborn child; and, be it

…therefore the law ought to designate as criminal the abortionist, the propagandist, the boss, or anyone else who would abuse their position of relative power over a mother; making rewards of money, personal fidelity, career advancement, power, prestige, or any other good dependent on the destruction of her unborn child.

Any help given to women could be considered “a good” or “propaganda,” such as literature discussing abortion and therefore criminalized. Resolution 302 explicitly shows how Christians will force propagate more Christians in their breeding ground states. Needless to say, Resolution 302 passed overwhelmingly in the GOP-controlled state and awaits a quick stamp from the governor.

Still think it’s not all Christians or just some minority of Evangelicals? Keep thinking that and watch Christian states reduce women to livestock.

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