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Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.

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Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities: Everything you knew about Christians but were afraid to say.

Is there something about Christians that bothers you?

Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.

Can't place your finger on what irks you about Christians?

Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.

Do you feel like they're constantly lying and preaching one thing while doing another?

Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.2

You are not alone! 

Daily, Christians push their religious agenda on everyone either through law, policy, or coercive, gaslighting culture but when criticized, they immediately claim,

"It's the evangelicals!"
"It's the Trumpers!"
"It's not all Christians!"

Would it surprise you that approximately 50% of Mormons, Catholics, and other mainstream Christians voted for Trump –– and have voted for the racist, Christian Nationalist Republican Party for a long time!

Articles in this collection include:  

Chapter: Christianity: The Bullshit is Possible, (But Probably Not,) & Therefore Dishonest

  • Plausibility v. Possibility
  • An Alternative to Christian Nonsense About Death & Dying
  • Why Does God Reveal Himself to Some & Not Others?
  • Your Immortality Project
  • How Christianity Removes Individuals from Reality
  • LATE-BREAKING ALERT: Important Update For Fundamentalist, Polluted Christian Thinkers
  • The Christian Story of Creation & Dinosaurs
  • F**k Nietzsche, You Know What I Mean?
  • The Christian Deconstruction Flimflam
  • A Good Christian Home
  • How Christianity Hijacks Philosophy
  • Conspiracy Madness and Christianity

Chapter: Trumping for Jesus

  • Christian Pollution of Politics
  • Blue Newt
  • Christian Equals…
  • John Lennon and Elvis Presley & Their Brides in Christian Heaven
  • The Christian Cartels & Christian Washing
  • Trumpian Truth and Facts in Christendom Today
  • The Orange Man
  • Is America an Abortion?
  • Still Don’t Understand the Christian Complicity & Christian Washing Problem?
  • Two Reactions to Trumpian News Madness
  • Satire 098 for Christians
  • I Am Christian Patriotism & So Can You
  • The Christian Crisis
  • GOP Loves Sewer Rats, Butthole Bugs, & Hypocrisy
  • Trump’s January 6th was Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch
  • Tired of Trumplandia and His Mar-a-Lago Horseshit Yet?

Chapter: Sex, Gender, & Christians

  • Christian Gaslighting
  • Holy, Holy, Holy Christian Baloney!
  • Clean out the closet! Christians have made clear where LGBTQ will go.
  • It Ain’t Kinky if it’s About Loving Jesus
  • The Christian Man
  • THE HIGH ROAD TO LOVE & SEX — NOT Avoiding High Octane Christian F&*k Rage
  • Never Date a Christian- Ever!
  • Christian Sex and Love
  • Shocked by the reversal of Roe vs. Wade? Welcome to Christian Oppression!
  • Rebels’ Ride
  • WHAT THE FUCK Christians and Gay Stuff

Chapter: Excuses are Like Assholes; Every Christian has one & they all stink!

  • Cowardly Christians, quit telling US it’s the evangelicals & tell THEM.
  • WE’RE NOT OUTTA THE WOODS YET ~ The American Christian Authoritarian Impulse “Manifest Fascist-fest”
  • Good Christian or Bad Christian? Not Your Problem.
  • AS COVID VARIANTS GREW, A REMINDER: There Ain’t No Room at the Inn
  • Keep Thinking Evangelicals or a Small Christian Minority is the Problem & Watch Your Rights Disappear
  • Considering Tiger Woods and Racist Christian Prayers Against Him
  • How CNN Promoted the False Narrative of “Imposter Christianity”
  • The Supreme Court Proves Christians are Liars
  • Ignominious Ignominy and the Flaming Immolation of Fame

Chapter: Where do we go from here?

  • Having a crisis of faith?
  • There Is No Such Thing as “Equal Power”
  • How Christianity Derails Your Life
  • BASIC 101 SHIT Creativity
  • The Four Most Mind-numbingly Annoying Things about Christians
  • Hey God, You’re A-Ok by me
  • How The Christian Work Ethic Makes You Unsuccessful
  • Wake the Fuck Up, Christian Hypocrites! Look at Yourselves
  • Christian Women Defend the Right to Dangerous Healthcare
  • THANKS ANYWAY, MY BROTHER ~ Christian Love
  • How Christianity Makes You Insane
  • EASTER: Jesus H. Christ’s DNA
  • Eight Things You Don’t Have to Worry About if You’re Not a Christian
  • If Only Jesus Were Jesus, You Know?
  • Limit Contact With Christians
  • Immortality and You, Superhero

You won't find any philosophical jargon, Christian double-talk! Real words from real people who understand the damage Christians cause! 

For the first time, the Christian problem plaguing the United States with ever growing theocracy is presented in all its dangers and dishonesties. In a collection of polemic essays and verses, you will see the absurdity of Christianity as it guides society and people into escalating issues of racism, subjugation of women, misogyny, homophobia, and just downright ridiculous beliefs that Christians cannot even abide but desire the law to compel you to obey. 

Note to Christians: Contains multisyllabic words. There are no pictures in this book! You will not like this book because it does not pat you on the back and say you are a loving and charitable Christian! I REPEAT: You would need to READ, and there are BIG words with no pictures to help!!!