Dumb American Christians, YOU are Lying, Racist Hypocrites, OR you support them.

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Dumb American Christians, YOU are Lying, Racist Hypocrites, OR you support them.


No matter the icepick-like words chosen, none penetrate your dumb Christian skull. Never has a group been more challenged by a lack of critical thought, evidenced by your continuous claims that “not all Christians are guilty” or “it’s the evangelicals” and “there’s billions of diverse thinking Christians in the world.” Over and over, I argued points that pertain to US Christians ONLY since Christians in other countries don’t directly impact the politics and culture in the US. Furthermore, dumb Christian, I hold ALL American Christians in contempt for directly or indirectly supporting a racist, dishonest, violent religion that threatens personal liberty and lives.

Why do I hold all US Christians in Contempt?

Well, dumb Christian, 70% of America identifies as Christian, other sources say upwards of 75%, but clearly, if dumb Christian can read, the majority of the US identifies as Christian.

Hang on, dumb Christian, we’re about to ride logic’s roller coaster!

Since the majority of the US identifies as Christian, the majority of the Republican Party must also be Christian, since sheer numbers and the overwhelming direction of the Republican party aims policy and laws in support of Christianity. You would have to be a blindfolded idiot high on crack to not see the Republican Party as a Christian Nationalist party. Why else would Christian Nationalists, the Klan, the Proud Boys, and many other alt-right factions vote Republican?

Their support is a fact, and all you Christians whining, “those aren’t the ‘real’ Christians,” prove yourselves liars, dummies, or both in the face of that fact.

The majority of Christians in the US voted Republican and supported a racist President and continue to support laws aimed at diminishing the rights of LGBTQ, barring vulnerable voting populations, pushing creationism into schools, forcing women to be incubators, and many other injustices. Here are the numbers, dumb Christian, “Two-thirds of Republicans (68%) identify as white and Christian, compared to 39% of Democrats.” That percentage of Republican Christians includes all Christians: Evangelicals, Protestants, Catholics, etc., EXCLUSIVE of nonwhite Christians in the party, which when counted, drives the Christian party percentage even higher. If only half of the Catholics or any large group vote Republican, those enormous denominations push Christian party membership upwards, especially when you consider 70% or more of white evangelicals vote Republican and they comprise only around 14% of the population.

So it's not just the evangelicals, dumb Christian!

When the “good Christians” don’t vote for a racist, theocratic-driven party, they still indirectly support their unpleasant siblings simply by identifying as Christians. Calling yourself a Christian regardless of race, affluence, or any demographic puts you in the same club that ultimately impacts voting and lawmaking via constituent influence. President Biden had to appeal to Christians just to get elected, bowing all executive power to those voters’ needs. Those Christian needs are still many of the same needs shared with Republicans, such as overturning Roe vs. Wade, teaching creationism, and many other goals that just seem like great ideas TO A CHRISTIAN.

Are you seeing the problem now, dumb Christian?

More than any other evidence for ALL Christians needing to be held in contempt is the willful ignorance and unwillingness of “good Christians” to take responsibility for their brethren. These “good Christians” should be in a civil war with evangelicals but most instead turn a blind eye because they share many of the same beliefs. For dumb Christians to deny this shared interest is to deny a stark reality of having the same biblical foundation and belief in Christ — however interpreted. The “good Christians” talk a good game about being different than their unsavory brethren, but when their right to preach and run tax-free churches comes under fire, they fight; yet go silent in a complete unwillingness to stop racism, inequality, and even the pollution of their own religion. And those “good Christians” who do take a stand on some issues: they are the minority of the minority, having no power except to obfuscate the Christian majority’s agenda. Until all these minority “good Christians” ACTUALLY rise against the “bad Christians,” distinguishing them becomes impossible.

So next time you’re sitting in your liberal Church that stands for equality and positive change, just remember, dumb Christian, you stand alone and guilty, especially in your silence.

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