Have a Happy New Year Without Christians!

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Have a Happy New Year Without Christians!

Make this year’s resolution about ridding yourself of Christianity!

If you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution, swear off Christianity or change your life by ridding yourself of their company. Getting Christians out of your life is much easier than you think, requiring only a basic knowledge of the Christian psyche. Ray Comfort converting an atheist with the intelligent design argument provides a powerful example.

Have a Happy New Year Without Christians!


What does this narrative teach us about Christians?

Well, besides being complete morons, Ray exposes the Christian obsession with hearing themselves talk. Don’t take my word for it; annoying daily interactions with Christians prove the Christian desire to hear themselves talk even when they have no idea what they are saying.


Kenneth Copeland teaches us how Christian faith is unshakeable, even when faced with facts, logic, and of course, just being flat-out wrong. Preaching, quoting, and other variations of pretend Bible reading surpasses in annoyance only by the Christian’s narcissistic exploration of the WEB to confirm things already believed about themselves. Every day Christians scour the internet researching important Christian things, perhaps under the guise of being a better Christian parent, friend, wife, husband, or some other nonsense. Surely, the Bible they never read would prove a better source than anonymous internet postings? Well, I suppose any troll will do when merely confirming your self-image.

Loving Christians

Yes, the only thing you need to know to rid yourself of Christians this year is knowledge of their true intentions — and that is easy! Any time you find yourself talking to a friendly Christian, just remember he praises himself when he praises Jesus. Any time you find yourself talking to a Christian woman and believe she might be a nice person, just remember this is the same person who makes herself feel better by condescendingly looking down her nose at people, even other Christians. Any time you find yourself dealing with a successful, confident Christian man or woman, just remember they became that way by bullying others, usually over sexuality, gender, race, religion, or any of the countless reasons Christians spew hate.

Keep all those Christian traits in mind, and you will rid yourself of Christians in a resolution easy to adhere to and feel good about!

Fuck Christians & have Happy New Year without them!