I’m getting the Christian problem now.

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I’m getting the Christian problem now.

Awakening from Christianity

I never really thought of myself as a Christian, and I never considered Christianity in general as a problem. At first, it seemed like you guys were just using Christians as a scapegoat, but now I’m questioning everything I’ve been taught. Every time I look at the news, there is some crazy shit Republicans are doing. Today, I saw Missouri passed a law making a dress code for women in government and couldn’t help but think of the Christian purity you guys ridicule. Before I thought of all this lunacy as a Republican problem. Now, it’s starting to seem like a Christian problem. ~Email from Reader

Dear Reader,
Thanks for describing your emerging clarity on the Christian issue. One of the greatest challenges to our critical thought and autonomy is accepting that one need not be Christian to be Christian. Living in a Christian-dominated society forces everyone to adopt and comply with their oppressive culture, regardless of faith. For years, I considered myself an atheist, yet found myself defending conservative ideologies rooted in Christianity. You likely will begin noticing this trend in yourself and others, such as atheists defending Christians, but the problem extends beyond religious arguments.

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