INCEL World & the Raptures of the Ruthlessly Unattractive

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INCEL World & the Raptures of the Ruthlessly Unattractive

You won’t have sex with me — there’s something terribly wrong — with you

This INCEL movement is almost impossible not to laugh at, although it’s not funny in its most extreme manifestations.

Nor is it amusing, I assume, to the women in the crosshairs of these madmen’s hate.
I grew up in an era where, when I met a pretty woman and the situation and mood were right, we were almost as likely to fuck as we were to shake hands.

Oh, yeah, I acknowledge it usually took a little longer to get into bed.

But it wasn’t a miracle.

It wasn’t terribly rare, and truth be told, I was a kind of hairy, smelly hippie, then a bald man, never very rich or successful until AFTER the 60’s and 70’s and 80's (and 90’s for that matter) were past.

Yet I had a lot of sexual partners.

My hygiene wasn’t always great.

I didn’t go to the dentist for a lot of years, even though my first girlfriend (I was 12) gave me a toothbrush as a ‘gift.’

The secret of my success with the ladies, I’m convinced, was my genuine interest in them (and most assuredly in having sex with them) and my hopes of finding and feeling love, not just sex from everyone I ever was with.

I think that was about it.

I can guarantee that I never considered any girl or woman as ever ‘owing’ me sex
or love or closeness, any more than I owed it to her.

But I always appreciated it, that hope of finding intimacy drove me and was always there, even as relationship after relationship floundered on the rocky shores of reality and left us both drowning in that sea of love where, as Stevie Nick’s put it, “Everyone would love to drown.”

I never gave up hoping I’d find real love, until I finally did find it.

So INCEL, I get that it’s tougher to get laid these days, but throwing acid in women’s faces or praising lunatics who do so, probably isn’t going to work out real well.

Maybe you can be like Trump; I hear he’s gotten a lot of sex from women he barely knows who didn’t want to do it with him at all, some of whom haven’t even sued him –– yet.

Jesus Trash

Image by Lisa Runnels: Note: All you INCELs should look hard at the photo because this is it boys, and you know why? Because she’s NEVER gonna fuck you ... that’s right, losers ... YOU!”