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Jesus Jibber Jabber

Most of the time, Christians don’t even know what they argue.

Responding to my article, How CNN Promoted the False Narrative of “Imposter Christianity,” a commenter provided a clear example of how Christians troll the internet looking to herd and maintain the flock using arguments solely aimed at discrediting or deflecting criticism. You will find these examples everywhere on the internet, reflecting the deep-rooted Christian persecution complex that impels followers to defend their beliefs to the point of sounding paranoid or nonsensical.

Jesus Jibber Jabber

These fear-driven comments also form typical Christian troll Jesus-jibber jabber meant to distract fellow Christians from anything critical about their religion, regardless of making sense. Responses are emotional appeals or virtue signaling meant to deflect attention, seen in this example with the Troll misstating, “religion of any kind (including atheism).”

Atheism is not a religion but an absence of belief in a deity, and this false claim tells other Christians that Atheism is just another religion, no more or less important than theirs.

Trolling along, he justifies Christianity with the noble desire of,

adherents, people who desire to do big important things, especially things which are damaging or painful to their fellow humans or nature, will use their religion.

But more importantly, the Troll insinuates people act just as terribly in a lack of “science,” thus equating religion with science for believers to feel justified in their faith, despite Christianity giving rise to racist evangelicals the same as the liberal Christian. He is really saying, “It’s okay, Christians. You’re correct in your beliefs,” because

That’s simply human nature, nature which believers and nonbelievers alike both possess in equal amounts.

Christianity isn’t the problem; it is the individual, he opines in the standard Christian troll armchair psychology, claiming,

There are those who desire to do evil because of their own personality dysfunctions… What you’re really complaining about is human nature, and human psychological dysfunction which is the underlying cause of what most of us would call “evil,” and that very same human nature infects every set of “beliefs” or “faiths,” even atheism.

You see, everything bad is human nature, nothing to do with Christianity.

So frightened by having to admit many Christians are racists rather than imposter Christians (the point of the article), the Troll unleashed the unoriginal, blame-the-victim defense to WOW Christian believers who know no better than to believe a rationalization camouflaged in fallacies, assumptions, and psychological rhetoric. Yet the truth glares to anyone not Christian indoctrinated:

Nothing he said pertains to the article.

Christian trolls say much about Christianity’s brainwashing that scares believers into mindlessly carpet bombing critics with irrelevant arguments, defending against anything critical of their religion.