Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet Proves Systemic Racism is Alive & Well

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Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet Proves Systemic Racism is Alive & Well

Racist, Republican, Christian Judge says,

"My children and I were the victims of an armed burglary at our home. The police were called and the assailant was arrested. The incident shook me to my core and my mental state was fragile. I was a wreck and am still unable to sleep. I was given a sedative at the time of the video. I have zero recollection of the video and the disturbing language used during it."

The laughing and joking while referring to the perpetrator as a "n*****" clearly gave away the immense cognitive stress the Judge endured. She goes on to say she would appreciate "forgiveness and understanding" as her family deals with the emotional aftermath of the ordeal.

Herein lies the problem with systemic racism. Are we to believe this judge can adjudicate blacks and other nonwhites objectively when she refers to the man as a roach, not because he is robbing the car, but because she considers him a n***** as she clearly states,

We have a n*****. It's a n*****. Like a cockroach.

And like a good Christian, the judge asks everyone to be understanding of her and her family's suffering, "We ask for your understanding, forgiveness, patience and prayers," she added.

Christianity's philosophical disease reveals itself again in the ability of a Judge to justify her words with a claim of trauma, not at all reminiscent of Central Park Karen threatening a Black bird watcher when confronted about her unleashed dog. Asking for a Judge's resignation seems appropriate considering Karen lost a $170,000 job.

Yet racist Christians don't see the problem at all, denoted by their comments on local news media,

Lafayette Judge Michelle Odinet Proves Systemic Racism is Alive & Well

Most of these comments are racist Christian trolls looking for solidarity, but they reveal the depth of Christian hate. What saddens more than anything is explaining the wrongness of a Judge, someone who shouldn't hold bias, to the Christian chumps who see nothing wrong with her behavior.

No one condones the theft, but how are we to believe this man will get a fair trial before any Judge or jury when bias presents so readily and gleefully?

Perhaps racist Christians should ask if a judge is so biased as to consider a human a roach, shouldn't the judge's ability to give anyone a fair trial come into question?

I would want to know.

Clearly, this judge does not live in a poor neighborhood like many in Louisiana, so do we have to worry about her being classist too?

I would want to know.

This story opens the door to much inquiry about Judges and their objectivity. Well, except for the racist Christian.

**Followup*** Judge Michelle Odinet was suspended without pay by the Louisiana Supreme Court on December 16th, 2021 pending investigation.

**Followup*** Judge Michelle Odinet resigns on Friday, December 31st, 2021 and the New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams ordered a week earlier a review of all cases prosecuted by Odinet.
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