North Dakota Public School District Superintendent Larry Volk says,

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North Dakota

“Time to move away from godless corrupt woke, left-wing ideology and back to the devout Christ centered Republic the founders envisioned.”

Why the media deemed Volk’s despise of critical race theory newsworthy escapes me. By this point, it should come as no surprise that education is as polluted with Christianity as any other institution in America. Situations like the one with Volk should question the hiring practices for teachers and education administrators since logic dictates you wouldn’t want zealots teaching and especially not managing schools. Yet Volk not only voiced his opinion but received approval from the Starkweather School Board president. While this situation might seem a tragedy, Stark has done more to prove the need for critical race theory than advocates or politicians.

Critical race theory originated in the sixties and has been practiced across time by many authors and academics with increasing frequency due to heightened awareness of institutional and systemic racism. Critical race theory has no agenda except to show intersectionality or how race, class, gender, and disability connect with inequality, but according to Stark,

There is no systemic racism in America created by our Founding Fathers — the racism is the project of the godless Democrat party that has rejected god, family, faith and America and embraced secularism in the form of Marxism.

Stark also sees education as necessarily connected with Christianity, which he blatantly states,

My district will continue to teach the Christian heritage and origins of the American Republic focusing on primary source documents from the founding era.

Here is a hard-right-leaning conservative denying systemic racism and enforcing a Christian heritage as the history of America using documents written by the founding fathers.

Nothing biased about Stark.

Stark illustrates perfectly the need for critical race theory in the US. Hundreds of years of Christian-dominated culture not only pollutes his view of history but denies the obvious truth that many cultures and religions built the US. More than that, Stark shows the need for critical race theory because his bias towards a Christian education stands in sharp contrast to the fact that the US has a large population of non-Christians. Even more astounding is his complete disregard of separation of church and state: a requirement for public education, which he should know being a member of the academia.

Not only has Stark evidenced the need for critical race theory but shows where to aim it. The superintendent of a school system in a state with less than 780,000 people, of which approximately 74% are white and mostly Christian, believes liberals are descending on this world and that it’s “…time to move away from godless corrupt woke, left-wing ideology and back to the devout Christ-centered Republic the founders envisioned.”

Critical race theory has never been taught in North Dakota, but so great is this enemy that Governor Doug Burgum signed a bill outlawing the teaching of critical race theory.

North Dakota not only needs critical race theory but perhaps more qualified educators.

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Originally Published December 3, 2021 on Christian Pollution Exclusive