Sexy, Drunk Christians: Twelve Steps to Purity

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Sexy, Drunk Christians: Twelve Steps to Purity

More Christian Pollution

Christianity violates the rational balancing of needs and morality, allowing believers to overcome dissonance by justifying contradictions, thereby creating discord. The contradictory thinking elicited from an improbable belief (Christianity) appears rational because what appears as wisdom, “do unto others,” is just practical insight found in most cultures in one form or another. This wisdom becomes susceptible to irrational application, having been filtered by Christianity, perfectly explaining the many glaring contradictions inherent in Christians, like believing “do unto others” while trying to oppress entire populations such as LGBTQ.

You are rendered insane by Christianity.

Herein, we show you how Christianity produces irrationality by distorting reality and pollutes entire fields with other damaging beliefs and religious biases. We glean these insights from the supposedly science-based methods of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry that sentences people to Alcoholics Anonymous, hoping God will cure the incurable…