That Whole Adam & Eve Thing is Bullshit

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That Whole Adam & Eve Thing is Bullshit

Explaining in Detail My Atheism…

…pretty much just boils down to


pisses me off.

Balancing acts & ampersand


Some words just sound so cool that they deserve to be the title of a poem regardless of how much disequilibrating they cause.

When I stand up too fast, I get dizzy but I don’t care.

Because I’ve always got Jesus & prayer!

Religion scholar explains how a specific strain of Christianity became a toxic political force

And who is surprised?

You gotta wonder how anyone would be shocked, (“SHOCKED I tell you!) to hear that magical thinking, roiling through the brains of people with sub-optimal intelligence, imagination and child-like needs to avoid the frightening truths of reality, would be anything other than susceptible to cons, idiocy and all forms of fascistic persuasion. On second thought, “Gotta wonder?” Nope, not even close. How could they NOT believe mad idiocy? Allow me this observation: your version of God is wrong — God is not “he” and God is not personally interested in your prosperity, well-being, or that of your children, or your fellow faith-crazed loonies, your pets’ health, or your most precious political causes, any more or any less than God is interested or disinterested in the journey of a dung beetle over a big ball of shit, or a huge wad of Covid Delta Variant, settling comfortably in your lungs (just another pair of “life forms,” by the way). He sure as fuck didn’t “create” you or anything else alive in the ridiculous and childish way you want to believe. We created god in our image, NOT the other way around. “Jesus, you make me so tired,” he says to us about us. And by “us” you know exactly who I mean.

Here’s a thing relating to The dark history of American antisemitism.

I don’t understand antisemitism at all.

I know quite a few Jews.

None of them are stupid enough to loan me money at ANY rate of interest.

Some of them are great friends and all are totally uninvolved in or appear to have benefited in any way by J. Christ’s unfortunate trial and its outcome.

I am Antifa & most of them are too.

Fuck anti-Semites (American or otherwise) who are stupid and not Christians but are unkind assholes.

Often, life really is this simple.

A few of my favorite things. When it hurts the worst, you gut it out. Is that too fuckin’ complicated? End of discussion.

My Pet snake whether he knows he’s a “pet” or not...

An Apple for the Pool House?

Each year for the last five or six or more, a bull-snake who gets bigger every year finds his way into our pool house and is there for a week or two until he sheds his skin, leaving the discarded outer layer of himself on the floor before slithering off for another year.

How many times have we wished we could simply crawl out of our skin and start our life and times all over again? (But I digress)

I’m not gonna lie, no matter how many times I run into him as I step into the pool house in early spring, even knowing he’ll show up eventually, when I find him there for his first appearance it always surprises me a little and I jerk back, an involuntary, reaction to some deep, primal fear.

After that first annual shock, though, I always pause when I open the pool house door and make sure where he’s hiding and then talk to him a little as I go about my business and reasons for being there.

Whatever I’m doing, I always keep an eye on the snake while reminding myself that he’s not poisonous and therefore pretty much harmless despite his five foot length and impressive rattler-like appearance.

I kind of understand how Eve was tempted in that garden so long ago, even though that was just an allegorical bullshit thing and probably, like most religious nonsense, about sex and such.

(But I digress again).

I wonder if my snake would like an apple?

So I take what’s left of the apple I’m eating and gently set it near him, and when I come back a few days later the apple is gone.

My pet snake, whether he knows it or not, now has me totally trained.

Colorado pastor who mocked AIDS deaths and spread vaccine conspiracy theories dies from COVID-19.

I’m sure the day will come when I can stop quietly relishing the deaths of these assholes, only I’m not really sure about that at all.

The arguments for Karma, presented daily via Covid and thru Schadenfreude, are too delicious and compelling to ignore or resist.

The ‘Go-Fund’ Fetal Wedding Dress

There is no limit to how bad grief can be

There is a woman who had a stillborn baby.

The way I see it, such heartbreak, such pain, whatever she does next must be instantly accepted.

However, in reaction to her pain she has started a Go-Fund me account (or some such) for the purpose of buying teensy-weensy wedding dress.

In my cynical and disturbed mind I imagine this could easily expand, along product development lines into little caps and gowns and maybe itty-bitty football uniforms and perhaps the tiniest high-fashion Nike athletic shoes for stillborn babies and even tinier fetuses.

They will never have a chance to get married or graduate from 8th grade or play pee-wee or NFL football or experience the thrill of scoring the newest high fashion shit.

But the wedding dress Is a real thing; a real person doing this and serious about it, I suspect, out of the blazing madness of her pain.

If it helps her, that makes it right.

And Buddha would say right purpose and right understanding.

Right. Right. For now and for her, anyway:


Until you’ve buried a child of your own You’re never going to Truly understand.