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The Atheist Miracle

COVID Silences Anti-vaxxer, Christian-conspiracy Nuts

COVID is doing for atheism what generations of rational inquiry and arguing could not: silencing the lunatic Christians. Here is a shortlist of some of those silenced by nature’s miracle.

  • Televangelist Marcus Lamb
  • Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby
  • Pastor and talk show host Bob Enyart
  • Radio Host Marc Bernier
  • Radio talk show host Phil Valentine
  • Radio talk show host Dick Farrel

The list goes on and on reported by the hated site, Sorry Anti-Vaxxer, which drew the ire of Christian and other anti-vaxxers for “anti-vaxxer shaming.”

Anti-vaxxer shaming accusations carry the same weight as claiming serial killers are shamed when called mass murders. The six anti-vaxxers listed above engaged public forums without care when spreading misinformation to the masses, although some did recant before dying. In the context of creating harm, revealing the deaths of anti-vaxxers is a public service that combats misinformation.

The government should be paying us for the PSAs.

Years ago, when writing about anti-vaxxers, never did I imagine they would one day become synonymous with Christians. Original anti-vaxxers almost understandably spawned from a fraudulent scientific study that made parents fear vaccinations as a cause of autism. I say “almost” because a tremendous amount of information came from studies conducted after the fraudulent study, discrediting the original research. Though the movement continued to grow, at least the original anti-vaxxers had fear driving them. Today’s anti-vaxxers form from a mishmash of conspiracy nuts and Christians convinced by politically-driven religious rhetoric that someone is stealing their freedom.

Get yer gun, Jethro. They’re comin’ to take our freedumb!

Perhaps there is a god after all. The deaths of anti-vaxxers seem too ironic an end to be anything but divine intervention.

Nah, just people polluted with Christianity, killing themselves.

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Photo by DJ Paine on Unsplash