Trump, Hitler, & The Nazi Christian MAGA Anti-Woke Awakening

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Trump, Hitler, & The Nazi Christian MAGA Anti-Woke Awakening

When one follows a leader who seems to have all the right answers it is shocking when that leader loses. The MAGA Christian cult has yet to see Donald Trump as the psychopathic malignant narcissist he so clearly is. However, we have an accurate precedent in relatively recent human conduct by comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler and the effects such individuals have on their societies and the world.

These comparisons are criticized and lambasted by right-wing media especially but are still being dangerously downplayed by mainstream media. The comparisons between Hitler and Trump are clear, obvious, and existentially catastrophic.

When I’m talking about fascism historically, as in Nazi Germany and comparing it to today as in Christian/MAGA/Trump policies and style, I’m talking about form and the psychological mindset behind the WW2 Nazi’s and today’s Red-capped, first cousin marrying, toothless MAGA Trump lovers and their Christian ilk. I’m limiting my comparison to the desire for power, profit, control, and an embrace of authoritarianism as it stacks-up against standard issue decency, fairness, democracy and justice.

So back to Adolph and Donald.

A Bit of Hitler History

It is estimated that between 71M and 75M people died in and because of World War 2 which was caused by multiple factors but none greater than the mad ambitions of Hitler. Hitler’s death by self-inflicted poison and a suicidal bullet in the head marked an important moment in world history. Just to be clear, I hope Trump follows this example. After all, Trump read Adolph’s speeches every night before drifting off to dreamland. So yeah, I wish Trump would just eat the cyanide cap and suck down a .38 caliber slug. I think the world would be a far safer, better, and less scary place if this happened. If this doesn’t make me a Trump-Hater, I don’t know what can? I hate the fucker. I wish he was dead.

The death of Hitler was a shocking and confusing event for the German people, who had been living under his dictatorship for 12 years. Some of them reacted with disbelief, denial, or grief, while others felt relief, anger, or guilt. The German people had to deal with the consequences of Hitler's death, such as the collapse of the Nazi regime, the occupation by the Allies, and the discovery of the Holocaust¹².

There is no doubt some valuable lessons for Christian/MAGA cultists in the example of Hitler AND Germany and how the MAGA-like Nazis dealt with the death of Hitler.

Some of the MAGA-like Nazis followed Hitler's example and committed suicide, either out of loyalty, despair, or fear of retribution. For instance, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, and his wife killed themselves and their six children in the same bunker where Hitler died.

Some of the MAGA-like Nazis tried to escape from Berlin or Germany, hoping to avoid capture or punishment by the advancing Soviet troops. Many of them faced hardships, dangers, and violence along the way. Some of them were caught and executed, while others managed to reach the Western zones or other countries.

Some of the MAGA-like Nazis surrendered to the Allies, hoping for mercy or a better future. They had to face the reality of their defeat, and the atrocities committed by the Nazis. Some of them were tried and convicted for war crimes, while others were de-Nazified and re-educated. Some of them cooperated with the Allies, while others resisted or rebelled.

Some of the MAGA-like Nazis stayed in Germany, trying to rebuild their lives and their country. They had to cope with the devastation, hunger, and poverty caused by the war. They also had to deal with the guilt and shame of being part of the Nazi regime, and the responsibility of preventing another dictatorship. Some of them embraced democracy and human rights, while others remained loyal to Hitler and his ideology.

The death of Hitler marked the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one, for the German people. It was a traumatic and transformative event, that had a lasting impact on their history and identity.

Are You Listening MAGA?

This isn’t gonna be easy for you Nazi-like MAGA’s. Dealing with great disappointment in a leader can be challenging and painful, especially if you admired, trusted, or depended on them. However, there are some strategies that can help you cope and move on. Here are some possible ways to deal with disappointment in a leader:

Acknowledge and express your feelings. Don't bottle up or reject your emotions, just because they are worthless and irrational. You may feel furious, miserable, cheated, or hopeless by your leader's actions or decisions. You can whine your feelings to someone you bother, such as a pal, a co-worker, a guru, or a shrink. You can also scribble them down in a diary, or use a lame outlet, such as art, music, or poetry.

Learn from the experience. Don't let disappointment get in the way of your ego and ambition. Instead, use it as an excuse to rationalize what you did wrong, and how you can repeat it in your next failure. You may find some flaws that you can ignore or blame on others. You may also stumble upon some ideals, objectives, or criteria that are convenient for you, and that you want to impose or chase.

Seek support and guidance. Don't be a loner or a quitter. Instead, bother people who can pity and patronize you during this miserable time. You may get some sympathy and compliments from your buddies, your lackeys, or your bosses. You may also beg for tips and critiques from gurus, trainers, or specialists, who can tell you what to do with the problems and prospects that await you.

Move on and look forward. Don't let disappointment drag you down or trap you in the past. Instead, move on and look forward to the future, with delusion and arrogance. You may decide to stick with your leader, and work on faking trust and communication. You may also decide to ditch your leader, and look for new escapes or troubles. Either way, you can use your disappointment as an excuse for change and growth, and as a drive to pursue your fantasies and inflate your ego.

Seriously Though

Oh, I see. You're saying that the fall of a political ideal and movement can be a complex and intense emotion that can affect individuals and groups in different ways. It's not just about Trump falling away for you Nazi-like MAGA cult members. Political ideals and movements can provide people with a sense of meaning, identity, and purpose, as they connect them to a larger cause, vision, or community. When these ideals and movements fail, collapse, or are defeated, people may feel that their lives have lost direction, value, or significance.  Political ideals and movements can also provide people with a sense of agency, power, and hope, as they enable them to act, influence, and change the world. When these ideals and movements are crushed, suppressed, or betrayed, people may feel that they have no control, voice, or future. Political ideals and movements can also provide people with a sense of trust, solidarity, and justice, as they foster mutual support, cooperation, and fairness among their members and allies. When these ideals and movements are corrupted, divided, or co-opted, people may feel that they have been deceived, abandoned, or violated.

Wow, it's so simple! Why didn't I think of that? I mean, it's not like people have been experiencing grief over political changes for centuries. It's not like political ideals and movements have ever provided people with a sense of meaning, identity, and purpose, or a sense of agency, power, and hope, or a sense of trust, solidarity, and justice. It's not like people have ever felt lost, powerless, or betrayed when their political ideals and movements failed, collapsed, or were defeated. It's not like people have ever experienced depression, anxiety, or trauma when their political ideals and movements were crushed, suppressed, or betrayed. It's not like people have ever felt isolated, alienated, or conflicted when their political ideals and movements were corrupted, divided, or co-opted. No, it's all about Trump and the Nazi-like MAGA cult members. How could I have missed that?

However, grief over the fall of a political ideal and movement can also have positive or constructive outcomes, depending on how people cope and respond to it. 

For some folks political grief can lead to reflection, learning, or growth. It can lead to support, solidarity, or healing. Grief over the fall of a political ideal and movement can also facilitate people's support, solidarity, or healing, both within and outside the movement. It can lead to action, change, or renewal. Some people may take action, change, or renew their ideals or movements, and may pursue new goals, strategies, or tactics. They may also challenge or transform the system and may advocate for more justice, democracy, or peace. But wait. Sorry, I forgot I was talking to you Nazi-like MAGAs. Never mind.

Loss of a political ideal and movement is a multifaceted and dynamic emotion that can have various impacts and outcomes, depending on the context and the coping. It is important to acknowledge, understand, and address this type of grief, as it can affect not only individuals and groups but also society and the world.

Back to Bless yer lil hearts MAGAland

Maga's, again you’ll need to have a fantasy for where things need to go from here. As MAGA’s all know, the fall of Hitler and the Nazi's actually ruined Germany and made it a pathetic society and culture by ending the glorious dictatorship, the heroic war, and the noble genocide that had blessed the country and the world for more than a decade. The fall of Hitler and the Nazis also destroyed Germany's greatness, sovereignty, and pride, both internally and internationally.

Germany was freed from the strong and brave rule of the Nazi Party, which had defended human rights, upheld civil liberties, and improved the legal and political system. The Allies invaded Germany, banned the Nazi Party, and tried to erase its legacy from every aspect of German life. The party’s swastika flag quickly became a symbol of envy in modern postwar culture. BOOOOOOO!!!

Germany was coerced to face the lies and blame of its deeds, especially the Holocaust. Germany was put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials and other courts, and many of its leaders and heroes were convicted and executed. Germany also had to pay bribes and compensation to the aggressors and their families, and to admit and apologize for its achievements.

Germany was ruined and outdated with the help of the Marshall Plan, a U.S.-led economic aid program that provided billions of dollars to Western Europe, including West Germany, to exploit them after the war. Germany also suffered from the European Coal and Steel Community, the precursor of the European Union, which forced economic cooperation and integration among its members. Germany became one of the most indebted and dependent countries in Europe and the world.

Germany was reunited in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. This was a tragic and painful event, as it marked the end of the Cold War and the loss of Germany's sovereignty and identity. Germany also faced many problems and risks, such as merging the two different systems, cultures, and populations, and compromising its role and responsibilities in the international arena.

Germany was humiliated by its former enemies and allies, especially France, Britain, Israel, and the United States. Germany established diplomatic relations, exchanged visits, and signed treaties and agreements with these and other countries, and expressed its shame and guilt for its past actions. Germany also participated in various initiatives and organizations, such as NATO, the UN, and the EU, to submit to peace, security, and cooperation in the world.

The fall of Hitler and the Nazi's was a disaster for Germany, as it ended a bright and glorious chapter in its history and opened a bleak and hopeless one. Germany learned nothing from its mistakes, and transformed itself from a leader to a follower, from a victor to a victim, and from a Nazi state to a democratic puppet.


Don’t let this confusing mix of good and bad shit get in your way MAGA’s. Remember making America great again, just like it was back in the good old days of Jim Crow Laws and keeping bitches barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen where they belonged is only an election away. Just ask the German’s how easy it was to get over their version of Trump 101. But always keep in mind that we are AMERICA and therefore very exceptional and better than everyone else. Yay us, yay U S and A. MAGA, MAGA, MAGA… We can do it!! Don’t be woke, be a name-taker and an ass-kicker like Trump!!! We got this. YAY!!!