Unicorns, Big-foot, & Proof of Yer White Supremacy

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Unicorns, Big-foot, & Proof of Yer White Supremacy

America’s toxic mythologies are destroying us.

Not all myths are evil or create death, despair, and soul-crushing injustice in their wake — But some are exactly that. Your belief in Unicorns or Big-foot doesn’t matter to me — your belief in white supremacy and Christian nonsense, does.

California MAGA rioter nabbed by feds after his own church prayer group turns him in.

Ethel (silent but moving her lips): “I pray this motherfucker goes to prison for a longggg fuckin’...”

Pastor Pureblood (interrupting): “Were you saying something Ethel?”

Ethel (aloud this time): “Just countin’ my blessings Rev.”

How staunch atheists show higher morals than the proudly pious.

Gee ya think?

The far right set out to destroy the American Educational system a few decades back.

By “destroy” I mean to fine-tune the type of learning possible, in a way that eliminated intelligent inquiry, deeper understanding and the ability to ask the right kind of questions.

I’m not a big fan of conspiracies but the type of stupidity, the ways in which we are stupid, now seem far too perfect for maintaining a status-quo of ignorance, unquestioned obedience and approaches to life that are blatantly idiotic.

These did not come about by sheer chance.

This wholesale idiocy starts with the insistence in families, schools and especially churches that we believe nonsense, without question or hesitation.

Magical thinking takes the place of rational consideration. Faith belief, whether in a constitution or a holy bible, neither of which has been read with understanding and discussion enabling one to grasp even a cursory knowledge of its content, is a prerequisite to misunderstanding even the fact of one’s fundamental ignorance.

Morality comes out of a misunderstanding of reality. Reality is mysterious and confusing. When its twists and turns are accepted blindly, through magical thinking, and when such thinking is deemed beneficial and necessary to understanding the world, right and wrong, and life itself, it shouldn’t be too surprising that people who have escaped the demand that we believe unbelievable nonsense, would have a superior sense of ethics than people still believing the childish idiocy in which they have been brainwashed all their lives.

Atheists have a higher sense of morality than people subscribing to ridiculous, absurd, unquestioned beliefs that tell them of the world in the only explanations they’ve ever heard, an explanation as comfortable and familiar as it is ridiculous.

And you wonder why the world is as crazy as it is?

Gee, you think the way we are taught to not think, question or understand could have something to do with it?

Pastor gets 30 years in prison after setting up network of cameras to secretly film children getting undressed

Holy, Holy, Holy...

The only way this could get any better would be if this Texas pastor is Anti-vaxxer, Anti-masker, Pro-MAGA, NRA big time donor, and a card-carrying devotee of the Tangerine Imbecile’s Jan 6th Insurrectionist Army.

I hate to hope for too much, but what do you think the odds are that he’s none of the above?

Yeah, me too.

Religion Does Far More Harm Than Good

Poor Jesus C. and his misuse at the hands of cruel, stupid, childish people

I believe in God, although I am a-theist to my core.

God to me is about the mystery of life vs death, and in that equation, mostly about the wonders and holiness of life itself, the greatest mystery of all.

The way that the church industry has evolved into just another part of culture and ethics, and the way that religion has morphed away from love and wonder at the myriad miracles of life and into a standing edifice for hate and judging and rejection of anything and anyone who disagrees with the tenets of a particular faith belief, makes any attempt to look at religion an exercise in frustration and impotence or a diving into hilarious mockery.

I generally like the latter approach. But sometimes this shit is maddening.

Many people are seduced by the utter nonsense of their fundamentalist ‘faith beliefs,'” a childish desire for power and a grasping, desperate attempt to give their lonely, pathetic lives greater meaning and importance.

God is clearly not the problem here. These people’s understanding of God and their certainty in that understanding is the problem.

I believe in and love God as I understand him to exist, as a light of love and my embracing him comes from my acceptance of the mystery that is life.

How does anyone drift so far away from that most fundamental component of faith, hope, charity and love?

The best answer I’ve found for such profound spiritual displacement, is Religion itself and its core sin lies in;

“It’s Sunday, bitches, where my money?”

This concept is key to understanding evangelical culture’s hypocrisy — according to an anthropologist.

The key missing ingredient in this analysis seems to me to be,

...wait for it


The STUPIDITY required to cling to nonsensical childish/childhood bullshit even when you’re old enough to know better.

Bonus bullshit: Here’s how the religious right’s obsession with ‘white male supremacy’ fuels the wave of COVID-19 deaths

Far right wing Christian evangelist preaches ‘you don’t have to wear the mask — you got Jesus’.

Fat boy with a mic

The devil wants this genius of baby Jesus worship to get the Covid and fuckin’ die, because the devil is:

  1. Very naughty


  1. Never tires of the same hilarious outcomes.

The devil, therefore, oughta be banned for life from twitter, Medium, Every-fuckin’-place, etc.

Just like this lunatic motherfucker should be banned for dragging his fellow idiots into the path of a runaway train.

We live in mad, mad times MAGA, MAGA, MAGA times that we’ll look back upon, if by some miracle we survive, with great smiles of ironic bemusement.

Almost as if we were fuckin’ devils ourselves.

Oh well.

A new Christian nationalism movement wants to take over the country for God to rule: report.

This just back from God: “Hey haters, No thanks. I’m good with the way the universe is already, after all, I’m GOD, if I wanted it different than it is, you can bet your bible-thumpin’-asses it would be.”

Trump’s ‘big lie’ was enabled by years of Americans being ‘force fed’ lies from religion: columnist

Gee, you really think so?

This is so obvious and yet so difficult for people to face, much less speak aloud. Truths, which are supported by empirical evidence and the much-beloved “common sense” that people with limited intelligence and even more deeply limited educations always refer to and are carrying on about, can’t stop these idiots from clinging to myths and nonsense. But simply and truly: if you believe nonsense don’t be surprised when your “beliefs” make no sense.

And a Darkness…

Why is there always a darkness? Dunno, there just IS.

And a darkness came across the face of the earth. And the sunlight was gone. And men trembled because in truth none of them believed the myths and nonsense their parents and churches had told them.

But by pretending to never doubt, by denying their common sense and experiential knowledge they had become superstitious fools.

And soon the darkness passed by as the eclipse, via rotations of the planet and the moon and stuff, left the path of the sunlight.

And everyone’s trembling stopped and everyone went back to quietly or noisily pretending to believe all the usual bullshit once again, as always.

Have a nice day (as if you have control over that). Or, you know, whatever.