Wild Christians ~ Caught in Print!

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Wild Christians ~ Caught in Print!

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities: The unauthorized, unforgiving Christian tell-all book!

Ten months ago, Terry Trueman and I undertook the challenge to document Christians in the wilds of America. We braved the danger of Christian backlash and hatred to bring you the hard-hitting truth about the asinine people who believe themselves worthy of eternal salvation. With Christian Pollution born, we began observing and interacting with Christians.

We named the one I am holding above "Little Christian Boebert” when we rescued her after breaking her tooth, racing around on four-wheelers drunk, screaming about God. After she was injured, her Jesus-loving GOP family abandoned her as they normally do when people need assistance.

Good thing she didn’t get pregnant!

While little Boebert looks harmless, keep in mind I fear for my life while holding her because she is a violent Christian capable of anything, especially if she thinks it is in the Bible that she never read. Terry and I bring you many more memorable moments with Christians in our new project,Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities,so you can learnthe danger of this invasive theological species.

Terry spent months observing the Christians in their habitat, documenting their rituals. After all those hours, Terry found that even he could be astonished by the Christian stupidity.

Terry captures a seldom seen Christian ritual.

Terry documents a rarely seen Christian leadership ritual.

You can now read about all of Christianity’s dangers without risking exposure to the Christians. Terry and I did it for you, packing all that experience into the Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities so you can learn to avoid the risk of Christians — and believe us — there are serious risks!

Terry caught in the Christian stampede!

Terry caught in the Christian stampede. Don’t worry; he escaped!

Join Terry and me to learn about all the Christian dangers, includingdishonesty, theocracy, racism, hate, and many more! Arranged in an easy-to-read format, this collection of articles and verses comes straight from theChristian Pollutionblog to provide insight into the Christian problem. These articles are now exclusively available on Amazon to provide everyone the opportunity to mitigate the Christian risk.

You’ll know the real hazards of encountering these vicious beasts.

Christian Pollution: Polemics and Absurditiescomes with a collection of essays and verses dedicated to clearing the air of Christian pollution that damages our government, culture, friends, family, and all of us personally.

Wild Christians ~ Caught in Print!

Marjorie Taylor Greene reviews the book, having not read it, just the way Christians do!

Poor grammar, ethnocentrism, and misuse of finger quotes aside, you are correct, Marjorie.There are no pictures in this book, Christians!You have no reason to buy itsince you need pictures to read. We cannot stress this point enough: the book is for nonChristians who want, like, and canREAD.

Getyour copy ofChristian Pollution: Polemics & Absurditiestoday!

Note: If you have arrived on this page from a link in another article, the destination article has now been published in this book. Thanks.

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