Wow! Christianity is normal.

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Christianity is society-completely normal.

Christianity is society & completely normal.

Christian defenders say,

You’re not railing against Christians. You’re railing against the human condition. All countries were founded on the morals of the predominant culture. The concept of separation of church and state by the “founding fathers” was really for the government to not endorse a particular flavor of Christianity-remember the King was Episcopalian.

Many of the early settlers came to be able to practice their own versions of PROTESTANT Christianity. Catholicism was considered evil when the country was founded. It’s no surprise that many other Christian variants have emerged in the divided states. Mormons being the biggest.

As for extending separation of Church and state to any version of religion. I don’t believe that’s possible and is at best an experiment. Culture defines government, not the other way around! ~Comment (Removed)

Other Christians lament,

Stop calling my religion a mental illness! ~Email

Stop saying Christians are abnormal. ~Email

These Christians claim these things because,

Christianity is normal! ~Email

Christianity is culture so it cannot be separated. It’s like trying to take ink out of a glass of water. ~Email


It’s interesting everyone still believes that there is a magical border between the private property of the church’s sidewalk and the public sidewalk. Hilarious. As far as I can see they are both identical and the border is merely make believe. ~Comment

Dear Christian Readers,
If you finished reading the preceding messages and feel satisfied, truly, you are as lost as I believe. Clearly, the emails and comments were meant for you because these philosophers couldn’t possibly aim to convince me with their utter nonsense. No, only a Christian mind polluted with bias and filled with polarized thoughts could read these emails and comments and feel affirmed in their beliefs, which was the goal of the philosophers who wrote them.

So many aspects of their ramblings reveal fault that a lack of time and endurance to respond proves insurmountable. We shall not dwell on obvious absurdities, for this would be like me discussing with Bernie Madoff whether he should invest my money in derivatives or high-yield bonds. No, let us skip past your Christian pseudo-intellectualism and concentrate on the reality you believe is normal.

Nodding your head in agreement with those philosophers reveals your belief that society is Christianity, despite, specifically, being founded on the inclusion of many religions and cultures and believing their historical fiction is normal. It makes perfect sense for a society constructed of diverse groups to serve the religious majority, and, even more normal, to allow the majority religion supremacy with law and policy. Why else would the Constitution’s First Amendment state, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” certainly, the founders meant “only Christians” when they said “religion.” Anything else would be abnormal. To create and reinforce a free society founded on equality by allowing the majority religion to dominate is completely normal and doesn’t at all endanger the nation by violating core principles.

Keep smiling and nodding, Christians. Normal gets better!

It is also normal to pray to a God who demands a patriarchal society based on the luck of Him blessing you with a penis. You Christians set the normal bar high on penis leadership, creating no issues like designating the worst man as the king of his woman, kids, and home. No problems arise, like determining which penis-bearer has the most spiritual member.

Get out the tape measures, Christians! It is all so normal.

Yes, Christian-normal also believes Christ’s blood is a magical elixir that washes away sin, and unleavened bread transforms into the body of Christ. Completely normal it is to believe this, and drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Christ wears off, week to week, requiring more of the same ritual. So normally, you Christians consume and praise the Jewish zombie who rose from the dead, and rather than eating brains, devours all common sense and leaves you mindlessly praying for his magic to work in your lives.

The Jewish zombie is so normal, Christian!

How normal you must feel praying to the Jewish zombie savior, born of a celestial rape, who had to have nails driven through his hands and feet to save you. Obviously, God, the zombie’s father, being of infinite power, could find no better way to save His inferior creations from the sin He created than to allow the murder of His rape baby Jesus. How normal it is that you must pray for this zombie to forgive your sins because you cannot follow with any consistency the religion he professed. Your belief that groveling and rebirth in the Jewish, rape-baby zombie forgives your incessant transgressions is completely normal, especially since it makes you so tolerant of religions differing from your own, like Jewish people.

Yes, I now see why you think Christianity is synonymous with society and so very normal.

Jesus Fish