Are Christians stupid, gullible, or just liars?

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Are Christians stupid, gullible, or just liars?

Christians must know they sound ridiculous.

After tormenting myself with another Christian’s stupid article, the understanding of Christians lacking critical thinking skills morphed quickly into the choice of them being gullible, stupid, or dishonest. I choose “liar” because believing gullibility or stupidity suggests most of the United States suffers brain damage.

The article* in question claims a growing hostility to Christians exists and provides much verbiage arguing against atheist vehemence using the standard Christian party lines “it’s not all Christians,” and “non- Christians are just as guilty.” For the author to twist her mind into believing such nonsense requires a true feat of mental gymnastics. Obvious facts reveal Christian guilt for intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and pushing their worldview on everyone.

  • Half of America voted for a racist, narrow-minded president, and the voter majority were Christians.
  • The Christian-dominated Republican party pushed legislation for decades to overturn Roe vs. Wade, put prayer in schools, enforce Creationism, reduce voting rights of minorities, and many other policies benefiting only Christians. No one in the US but Christians pressures lawmaking in this manner.
  • Christians argue against any social policy to correct discrimination, explainable only by their racist intentions, i.e., affirmative action, civil rights laws, etc.
  • Christians who stormed the capital did so believing their right to vote stolen, yet take no issue with laws limiting underserved populations’ voting rights.

Non-Christians are also not equally pigheaded or narrow-minded as Christians or any negative traits Christians harbor. The author fails to show any facts supporting her position other than quoting an article from Reason that states atheists argue with “the same fervor the religious use when making their claims against secular society.”

Yes, atheists argue with the same passion because they argue practical solutions with people incapable of honesty or reason.

Constantly, I advise non-Christians to not argue with Christians because they are a lost cause, clearly evidenced by articles such as the one in question arguing the same points over and over. This redundant arguing stems from the Christian’s belief of moral and rational correctness: beliefs based on nothing other than faith and personal experience.

To prove my point, the author claims atheists are intolerant to religious expression because an atheist organization launched a billboard campaign against churches. Wow! Because churches never infringe on the right of people to live religion-free by banging on doors, sending email campaigns, BILLBOARDS, flash mobs, or just bothering people in general.

When atheists erect billboards disparaging religion, they do so because they speak the truth about religion based on evidence.

In typical Christian audacity, the author claims that some people become hostile to Christianity because the church hurt them via abuse. In a stunning lack of intellect, the author draws on her daughter’s work with foster kids who came from abused families, claiming, “None of those abusers were affiliated with a church or claimed Christianity as the catalyst for their wrongdoing.”

WOW! I’m certain that’s a conversation occurring during the meeting of foster and biological parents. Even if we believe such an improbable story — so what. I know two Christians, and they are decent people, but they don’t speak for millions of Christians. I also worked in a drug-infested labor industry for nearly fifteen years and the countless crackheads, dope fiends, drunks, and thieves all identified as Christian. I suppose my evidence against Christianity is better since I knew so many bad Christians.

The author continues with claims of Christians performing much charity to help the world’s poor. That sounds great, and without doubt, those missionaries do a lot of good WHILE they proselytize to the most vulnerable populations. Missionaries primarily recruit, and while handing out bowls of soup, they preach Abstinence-Only Sex Education and the sin of condom use to overpopulated, poor communities.

Every Christian missionary offers a bowl of soup and a bible yoke for the necks of the needy.

Christians pretend atheist frustration with them is some great mystery, which elucidates the depth of Christian arrogance for believing themselves pure. I find their ability to overlook basic facts and invent enemies insulting, grotesque, and frightening. You wish to believe them brainwashed, and some truth dwells in this desire, but consider the effort required to constantly make excuses and overlook the bad behavior of their more-than-a-few religious brethren. One would have to be a dewy-eyed imbecile to hold such a belief in the face of today’s constant media exposure of Christian hate and wrongdoing.

No one is that fucking stupid.

Jesus Fish

*Note: I do not link or mention the article or author by name in keeping with Medium’s policies to not disparage authors and because we know how Christians love censorship.

Even some Christians can’t excuse the Capital Insurrection. Photo Credit.