When will Christians just shut the fuck up?

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When will Christians just shut the fuck up?

Christian says, “Jesus Junker is in bad taste.”

When will Christians just shut the fuck up?

Christians accusing anyone of “bad taste” holds the seriousness of Ron Jeremy accusing Hollywood of selling sex. Yes, the Jesus Junker is in bad taste, having depicted evangelical Christians in a false, negative manner. Clearly, there is no truth to this satire whatsoever because conservative Christians never hoard guns, don’t celebrate Trump, and embrace evolution.

Take, for instance, the above photo’s undeserving poke at Marjorie Taylor Greene, an upstanding Christian who represents the peace-loving, all-inclusive values of Jesus exemplified by her guns and, most recently, her support of the White Nationalist party. She eagerly accepted the invitation of racist Nick Fuentes, who Rolling Stone reported “bashed the idea of diversity, claimed ‘white men’ are America’s ‘secret sauce,’ called for the audience to cheer Vladimir Putin, and even offered some coded praise for Adolf Hitler.”

Nothing in bad taste.

Further proving Christian refinement, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Greene nearly came to blows over Greene’s attendance, which clearly represents a polished behavior for leaders who are — at best — conspiracy-driven lunatics frequently in the news for saying and doing stupid things. The Christians who voted for them are unbothered by the seemingly crude behavior, such as Boebert’s claim that women need guns, not abortions, and Greene’s alleged involvement in the January 6th insurrection.

Not at all distasteful behavior for members of the US Congress.

With such honest and meaningful convictions, Christians should never be misconstrued in “poor taste,” especially considering the great works they perform. Take, for example, the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) that since 1937 concentrates efforts on recruiting kids into Christianity with the noble cause of instilling belief in Jesus because they care specifically about,

Establishing children in Bible-believing churches Evangelized children need to be in the local church where they can continue growing on a regular basis. In this way, CEF serves the church and assists in the goal of church growth.

CEF not only proselytizes children but recruits for evangelical churches, and children are the primary aim of their mission because children introduced to Christianity early in life have a greater likelihood of remaining lifelong believers. What a virtuous and beautiful vision!

You know who else targets youth?

Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco is notorious for targeting young people for the same reason as CEF because the younger someone starts smoking, the more likely they are to smoke for life. The video above discusses how youth targeting focuses on underprivileged communities, not at all like CEF, which targets young, vulnerable populations nationally and across the globe.

Screenshot of CEF Page taken 4/29/2022, which they will likely change. ~ You know how Christians love to censor.
Screenshot of CEF Page taken 4/29/2022, which they will likely change. ~ You know how Christians love to censor.

One might question the need to evangelize young children, but obviously, CEF performs God’s work, and that work must be beneficial for being a requirement of God. Evangelizing makes perfect sense for helping young children become involved with Christianity, introducing them to churches, and teaching them to evangelize other people. Truly, this evangelical mission can’t produce anything but a good life and Godly people with refined moral sensibilities.

Yes, there is nothing more tasteful than turning kids into evangelists!

Evangelizing Kids

How Christians find the gall to criticize anyone of “bad taste” is absolutely beyond laughable. Faced with such absurdity, why any person would proudly declare themselves a Christian defies reason. What would benefit Christianity most is member silence, but amazingly, arrogance allows their unfiltered, sanctimonious talk, which only hurts their cause, thus answering my own question.

Christians will never shut the fuck up.

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