Bebe Nicholson Exemplifies What Christian Pollution Claims About Christians

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Bebe Nicholson Exemplifies What Christian Pollution Claims About Christians

No need to worry about plagiarizing if you’re defending Christianity.

Normally, I wouldn’t waste time responding to Christian nonsense, but Bebe Nicholson drew my attention, not for saying anything original, but because my plagiarism checks alerted me to her article “Christian Bashing is Okay, Just Don’t Hate Anybody Else.” You can imagine my surprise to discover a good, honest Christian whose profile claims “Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist” would not know to cite another author’s words. More importantly, one would think Bebe would know not to misrepresent my words by stealing them from my publication Christian Pollution and forcing me to explain the uncited statements and titles used to justify her argument,

Here are some headlines and statements I’ve run across in that publication and others. Read them, and when you see the word Christian, substitute Black, Transgender, Muslim, or another group of your choosing and ask yourself what kind of flack the writer would get.

“Calling Christians racist, violent people is not discrimination, since Christians prove themselves to be racist, violent people.”

If Bebe had cited my article, readers could see, ironically, why Christians can be judged by their religion, revealing, in part, the false equivalency of Bebe’s claim you can switch the “word Christian with Black, Transgender, Muslim, or another group of your choosing.” I answered this in another article, “Mindless Christians Don’t Understand Why They’re the Problem,” which coincidently answered another Christian who plagiarized my work. You can’t switch the word Christian with Black or Jew or any other group since those groups don’t have the power to create the social problems specific to Christianity. Either Bebe didn’t bother to research these headlines and ripped them from the front page of Christian Pollution for shock value or misrepresented my arguments to prove her own. Take your pick!

“Are Christians stupid, gullible, or just liars?”

This title most likely explains Bebe’s angst over my publication since it is an article I wrote after reading her story, “Hostility to Christianity is Growing.” I purposely altered what was said and anonymized her article because I didn’t want to disparage her, but the misrepresentation of my title now brings her material into play. My article answers her claim of the growing hostility towards Christianity, but let’s revisit her article to examine a critical point elucidating Bebe’s Christian values pertinent to this discussion. Bebe claims,

My daughter has fostered children for years, and those children are in the foster care system because of abusive or drug-addicted parents. None of those parents claimed a religious reason for their abuse, and none of the parents were affiliated with a church. Yet my daughter’s decision to make the sacrifices necessary to nurture these children was a decision that stems from her Christian faith.

Bebe claims, “None of those parents claimed a religious reason for their abuse, and none of the parents were affiliated with a church,” which is secondhand information from her daughter. Honestly, this statement just smacks of bullshit. Try to imagine a meeting between foster and biological parents and this discussion occurring. I’m sorry, but how would such a conversation come about, and why? I just don’t believe it happened, especially not more than once, but let’s say Bebe’s daughter had these conversations. If that is true, Bebe has revealed her daughter (a Christian also) divulged sensitive situations without concern for the privacy of the biological parents. Perhaps no legal requirement for privacy exists, but clearly, no Christian value honors privacy or the foster care system for having misrepresented it. Addiction and abuse are causes of foster care, but neglect from poverty forms the primary reason. According to Foster America,

The vast majority of children in foster care are there not because of the physical or sexual abuse situations that make headlines, but because they experienced neglect. Too often, neglect is a proxy for poverty, and current child welfare policies make family separation an easier option than providing supportive services to children and parents with complex needs.

The United States spends $30 billion on foster care annually, yet most children return home with scarce evidence that they or their families’ trajectories are improved by the costly and often traumatic intervention.

Bebe’s blanket claim “those children are in the foster care system because of abusive or drug-addicted parents” is simply not true. Poverty is the cause, which coincidentally, the Christian-controlled Republican party almost universally opposes fighting with social welfare programs that the above quote suggests would help solve the foster issue — thus denoting a gullibility, stupidity, or dishonesty to believe otherwise.

“Dumb American Christians, you are lying, racist hypocrites, or you support them.”

As shown statistically in this article, the vast majority of Republicans who support racist policies are Christians, and the opposing Christians remain willfully ignorant or refuse to take a stand against their dishonest, racist counterparts. Bebe’s misuse makes the title sound like a random statement, not an article based on statistics.

“Christians lie so much that bigotry comes naturally to them.”

Another unattributed statement ripped from one of my articles without consideration for the context, which interestingly enough, argues the bigotry of how Christians claim all lives matter. I say this is interesting because Bebe considers the above statement an insult to Christians and attempts to show how bashing Christians equates with the severity of bashing other groups simply by replacing the word “Christians” with a name like Blacks, Jews, or Muslims. I answer this ridiculous false equivalency in another article but also with the very statement Bebe took offense,

Christians lie so much that bigotry comes naturally to them. One of the infinite examples of Christian lies readily presents when Christians say, “All lives matter.” All lives can’t possibly matter, proven by Christian efforts to make life harsher for people they don’t care about. After the murder of George Floyd, Christians didn’t seek to help black communities but instead condemned Black Lives Matter under the self-righteous “all lives matter” mantra. The Christian leader at the time, President Trump, claimed Black Lives Matter “is part of a ‘mob rule’ that is ‘destroying many Black lives,’” and Christians wanted BLM declared a terrorist organization.

If the treatment of BLM, Muslims after 9/11, atheists, homosexuals, and the oppressive desires of Christians evidenced by the pending reversal of Roe vs. Wade is not bigotry against non-Christians, after having lied by saying “all lives matter,” then I don’t know the fucking meaning of the word.

“People ask why I dislike Christians. I don’t dislike them. I loathe them.”

Yet another uncited statement torn from my article “Christian Equals.

Can you blame me after reading this?

“Early stage removal of Christianity is more effective than later stages, which become chronic.”

Another statement without context taken from a satirical piece, “Christian Cranal to Anal Loopback Syndrome.”

“Christians are frighteningly sadistic people under the control of the philosophic disease of Christianity.”

And finally, the last statement copied from my article “Limit Contact with Christians” which is an advice article I wish I had followed by not anonymously writing about Bebe to avoid her misrepresentation and plagiarism that cost me the time to write this article.

Perhaps this outcome was unavoidable since Christians, like Bebe, are the kind of privileged people Christian Pollution discusses, evidenced by her disregard for copyright despite being a “Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist.” Bebe, evidently, felt justified defending Christianity using my words without citation, which says a lot about her as a journalist and Christian. 

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