The Ignorance of Christian Arrogance

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The Ignorance of Christian Arrogance

Does Christian idiocy come naturally or with practice?

Anyone harmed by Christianity is biased against Christians.

Christian idiocy is so widespread I sometimes wonder if this lack of sense forms naturally or from practice? Their all-encompassing irrational, unoriginal thought indicates a naturally occurring stupidity, but practice also holds a strong possibility seen in Christians constantly repeating mindless claims such as, “Something bad must have happened to you to make you so angry at Christians.” Clearly, past sufferings must fuel the rage and therefore invalidates any criticism of Christianity, for no one would criticize Christians unless they were angry, thus making their criticism meaningless.

Wow! What a finely honed logical argument.

Hmm. Perhaps I am wrong. For so many Christians to make this claim, I must be missing some obvious, overarching point. Yes, it’s clarifying now. Why would someone dislike and not trust Christians? Obviously, kids called “faggot” by Christian peers, or children treated like trash by private school nuns and priests, or children bullied by kids and teachers in Christian-dominated public schools, or youth who endured physical and emotional abuse by their uncaring Christian parents for the first eighteen years of life, hold an unfounded bias against Christians.

Does Christian idiocy come naturally or with practice?
Just another kid fallen prey to the cult of the victim. That’s why he doesn't like Christians.

You can’t take anything seriously “that person” says about Christians. No, sir!

The more I think about so-called victims, the more untrustworthy they become, like all those people who suffered sexual abuse by clergy and gaslighting by family and fellow Christians.

“Are you sure that’s what happened?”
“You know you’re harming the church!”
“Stopping being dramatic!”

Their stories reveal a deep-rooted bias against Christianity and can’t be taken seriously either.

What kind of fool thinks any victim of Christian abuse has a credible message?

Now that I think about it, many people are prejudiced against Christians, like all those individuals not wanting to suffer beatings by the racists convinced by Trump that Asians spread COVID — a belief adopted merely by referring to the disease as the “China Virus.” What relevant point could Asian suffering possibly make about Christians and their beloved leader?

Does Christian idiocy come naturally or with practice?
Leader of the Christians speaks the truth to Christians, and “In the days before and after Trump’s tweet, the researchers examined 700,000 tweets containing more than 1.2 million anti-Asian hashtags, which the researchers said are known to be a predictor of hate crimes and the formation of hate groups.” ~Forbes

How could “those people’s” biased stories possibly add any relevant information to what Trump already told his majority-Christian following?

How about those black Americans screaming about BLM? Hundreds of years of systemic racism that relegated them to the fringe of society, Christian or not, clearly makes black Americans prejudiced for not seeing things the Christian way. If they did, they would know all lives matter.

Yes, how could anyone miss the problem of “those people” holding prejudices against good Christians?

Wait! What about all those vulnerable girls and women constantly subjected to murder accusations for even considering an abortion? And what about all those women who felt forced by Christian influence to have children and suffer lifelong negative financial, social, and emotional ramifications? They must be biased as well.

Marjorie Taylor Green hold rifle calling rape survivors trash. Find out what Christian women have to say about abortion.
 Find out what Christian women have to say about abortion.

What kind of idiot would think “those women” have some valid point?

Yes, all these people had the poor luck of meeting all the, as the good Christians claim, “fake Christians,” and not trusting and holding other Christians in contempt constitutes a stereotype. I see the light!

Only a Christian could think so fucking moronically.

Christians Need NEVER Apologize

I’m sorry. I Was Wrong...

Christians Need Not Apologize this really all that terribly difficult to say?

When I rolled around recently and repeatedly, in a giant vat of lime-infused Schadenfreude shit, gleefully either celebrating or anticipating a celebration over the deaths of Anti-vaxxers, especially the famous ones: Arron Rodgers, Eric Clapton, Sarah Palin, John Stockton, Meatloaf and so many others of their ilk and persuasion with public platforms allowing them to make their bold, gutsy last stands well known to all we mask-wearing cowards — It was wrong of me.

It goes against whatever minimal standard of morality and decency and civilized conduct I possess (damn little, I agree) But it was wrong. I was wrong.

Wrong is fuckin’ wrong. I apologize for any harm done to others by my wrongness.

I’m sorry.

I was wrong.

Now, how fuckin’ difficult was that to do? What would it have cost me to simply get my vaccinations and boosters and just shut-the fuck-up about it and not have to offer this mea-culpa, mea-culpa, mea-maxima-culpa? Well, truthfully, it doesn’t cost much at all.

But, wrong is wrong. Being wrong is being wrong. It doesn’t feel good to have to admit it, but TBH, it doesn’t feel all that shitty either — and from what I’ve seen, this relatively painless apology for being wrong, this admission of moral imbecility, isn’t as true or common among Covid infected anti-vaxxers filling up all the beds in all the hospitals.

Sadly, and frustratingly, this is just one instance of the pompous privileged, whose modus operandi is to wrong first and never apologize later: racism, fascism, censorship, theocracy, ad infinitum.

But when they hook you up to the ventilator or begin answering your sanctimonious oppression with the resolve of the true freedom fighter, and you’re scribbling out a few final words in defense of your brave stand, just know that I’ll be trying not to laugh and that if a chuckle or two escapes my control, I’ll be very sorry. Very. Sorry.

After all, wrong is wrong.

Rarely do Christians EVER say they are sorry for shitty things they say or do and, indeed, why would they?

After all, Jesus already died for their sins so what the fuck have they got to worry about?

Mindless Christians Don’t Understand Why They’re the Problem

Not Muslims, not Buddhists, not Jews, not anyone but Christians in the US!

Mindless Christians Don't Understand Why They're the Problem

Today, a mindless Christian decided to plagiarize my article Limit Contact with Christians by replacing the word “Christian” with “Jew.” This imbecilic attempt at parody or satire clearly shows the mindless Christian lacks an understanding of copyright violation and why playing with semantics doesn’t prove I’m wrong or why Christians are not the problem.

(Note: I filed a copyright claim; while stupid Christians have freedom of speech, they don’t have the freedom to use 90% of my copyright. The author since removed the article.)

Mindless Christian Semantics

Mindless Christians believe they cleverly divert attention from Christians by showing other religions and me in a negative light by replacing the words of an article. Clearly, mindless Christians overlooked the OTHER ARTICLES on Christian Pollution, presenting Christians as the problem — not other religions. Still, I understand the limited critical thinking caused by the philosophic disease of Christianity and willingly explain the issue — again.

Christians dominate the US population and culture: about sixty-nine percent of Americans refer to themselves as Christians, and sheer numbers make them the cause of social issues inherent to Christianity. For example, no other religion dictates healthcare policies for nonmembers like the Catholic church makes doctors and other workers sign Ethical and Religious Directives that limit practices based on Christian dogma.

You can’t replace the word “Catholic” with “Jew” since Jews don’t run one in six hospitals in the US.

Mindless Christians playing semantic games cloud Christianity’s propensity for racism by misrepresenting other religions as equal or worse than Christianity. This claim is untrue because mindless Christians form the core of the alt-right, conservative, Republican, and racist ideology in the US. While other religions have problems, they do not constitute half the voting and majority of the general population, which directly or indirectly supports a racist, fundamentalist, Christian party.

You can’t replace the word “Republican” with “Jew” as this would be inaccurate to say in general terms, but you can generalize “Republican” with “Christian.”

Mindless Christians don’t consider their intrusive religion a burden on other people. Mindless Christians desire to force women to be incubators and make everyone believe Creationism whether they are Christian or not. No other religion has this power to create such controversy in the US by violating church and state separation.

You can’t synonymously use “Christian Nationalist” with “Jewish Nationalist” OR ANY other RELIGION in the US because they have no power by comparison.

Mindless Christians should consider other semantic issues before stupidly parodying articles with wordplay.

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish-American missionaries come banging on your door to sell their religion?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans fight to overturn Roe vs. Wade compared with Christians?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support the alt-right?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support racist-driven laws to limit voting rights?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans support evangelizing children in public schools?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think QAnon is a movement based on truth?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think Donald Trump did a great job making America great again?

· How many Buddhist, Muslim, or Jewish Americans think COVID is a conspiracy to take away their freedom?

Hopefully, mindless Christians now understand why they are the problem, but I doubt it.

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