Jesus & the Beatles were Woke: Christians Steer Clear!

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Jesus & the Beatles were Woke: Christians Steer Clear!

Christians say, "Woke makes you a homo just like a Negro from the 1940s."

Recently I saw a headline on an internet news site suggesting that some Christians were upset by some of the things Jesus Christ has been accused of saying. These good Christians believe that whole Sermon on the Mount thing, with all its libtard claptrap is a few steps too far from Trumpian values, ethics and practical solutions to the world's problems to still be applicable.

The article suggested Jesus, although he is the son of God and thus kind of God himself, would never say that shit in today’s world and that this whole “meek” inheriting anything, much less the whole fuckin’ world and the so-called “peacemakers” (AKA: the leftist communist agitating Democrats and their ilk) being all blessed and shit was way outta line.

If you think about it, everything needs a fresh new coat of paint every so often. After all, Jesus was saying this stuff a couple thousand years ago, way before the invention of the eternal combustion engine, liquid soap and deep-fried Twinkies. Back then it was a world where people believed if you just built a tall enough ladder, you could touch the moon.

You can hardly compare those times to Donald J. Trump’s magnificent achievements in New York real estate, or Bernie Madoff’s madcap ability to build a great fortune on other people’s confidence. Madoff, like Jesus, was a Jew to start with too but became a great American, famous and wealthy, just like Jesus would be if he was alive today and living in the home the brave and the land of the fuckin’ FREE.

Another target of the anti-woke crowd lately is the overrated pop group called The Beatles. They wrote a lot of songs about love and a few about peace and some about war not being okay. They were Woke libtards for sure.

One of their members, John Lennon who, like Jesus Christ got himself crucified, once claimed to the consternation of patriotic Americans, especially those in the deep south, that he and his group were “bigger than Jesus,” which led to huge bonfires of Beatles record albums in places like Birmingham, Alabama and probably Philadelphia, Mississippi.

John Lennon later explained that all he meant was the attendance at Christian churches across England was way down whereas attendance at Beatles concerts was riding high. He also did some other back-peddling to try and save his ass in America which seemed to work a bit until he wrote a song called Imagine which seemed to suggest that the entire Christain metaphysical worldview was whacked—and that was pretty near the end of him.

The term “woke” has different meanings and connotations for different people and groups, and it is often used in a vague or pejorative way. However, one possible way to approach it is to look at some of the research and opinions that have been published on this topic.

According to some sources, the term “woke” originated in the African American community in the 1940s, and it meant being aware of the social injustice and racism that they faced1. Over time, the term expanded to include other issues of oppression and discrimination, such as gender, sexuality, class, and environment. Some people use the term “woke” to describe themselves or others who are progressive, inclusive, and socially conscious. Now a days we have brave governors and school boards across our great land electing people who will stop the teaching of CRT (Critical Race Theory) and other communist fascist attempts to make people be woke. Whole states where the color red is VERY popular, have determined that alarms clocks shouldn’t “wake” you but should gently “Buzz” you out of your slumber.

Of course, not everyone agrees with a positive interpretation of “woke”. Some criticize the term “woke” as being too radical, divisive, or intolerant of different views. They argue that being “woke” means being overly sensitive, politically correct, or self-righteous. They also claim that being “woke” is a form of virtue signaling or identity politics that alienates or silences others. We’ve always had right thinking people around, probably there were a lot of empty seats on the hillside for that whole Sermon on the Mount nonsense! And when the Beatles refused to play to segregated audiences across the south during their US tours (they even had this clause in their contracts), more than a few white eyebrows raised up in anti-woke fury, although ticket sales didn’t suffer much.

If we look carefully enough at Jesus and the Beatles, it’s hard to deny that they represent the very worst aspects of being woke—the whole “son of God” thing being true but kind of hard to understand, I mean, who was God’s wife? What kind of house did or do they have and was it really the best move for God to send his only kid down to the earth to die to save us all, including billions of us not yet born, for our sins and sins to be? I’ll bet Mrs. God, Jesus’s mom in heaven not the virgin one in the barn, was probably pretty pissed about her only son having to endure all that painful death stuff. I mean, what good mom, other than some woke crazy bitch, wouldn’t have been pissed? Tough call, the whole dying for the whole world’s sin thing, but any way you look at it, Wokeness running amok wasn’t going to fix anything.

As for the Beatles, the best, biggest most influential music group of the last hundred years or more, how come they didn’t just stick with shit like I Wanna Hold Your Hand and I Saw Her Standing There? Why’d they go all, Tomorrow Never Knows and Give Peace a Chance and shit like that, who did they think they were? I’ll tell you who, know-it-all WOKE libtards?

Education & Wokeness 

It’s hard to say for sure what exactly it is that makes some people into woke losers and the rest of us just fine. If you think about it, Jesus and the Beatles both had long hair for men, kind of feminine, really. And there are some schools of thought that suggest that Education might play a role in becoming woke.

Although there is no clear or causal relationship between being educated and being woke, there may be some correlations or influences. For example, some studies have found that education is associated with more liberal or progressive attitudes on various social issues. This may be because education exposes people to diverse perspectives and values, and encourages them to think critically and independently. However, this effect may also depend on other factors, such as the type of education, the political context, and the individual characteristics of the learners. Another possible link between education and being “woke” is that education can provide people with the skills and resources to participate in social movements or activism. For instance, some researchers have suggested that education can increase people’s political interest, efficacy, and engagement. However, this may also vary depending on the opportunities and constraints that people face in their societies.

But what did Jesus’s education have to do with The Beatles? I don’t know. All I know for sure is that education can be defined in many different ways. If you study the Bible close enough and leave out some of the Jesus parts that you don’t like, the woke shit for instance, that’s kind of like being educated. And the Beatles went through the education system in England where Mick Jagger met Keith Richards as young guys ending up mostly directed towards Art School educations where all the wild, crazy woke loser types went.  

Bottom line: there is no simple or straightforward answer to the question of the relationship between being “woke” and being educated. The term “woke” itself is contested and ambiguous, and it may have different meanings for different people. Education may have some effects on people’s attitudes and behaviors related to social justice issues, but these effects are not uniform or deterministic. Ultimately, being “woke” or educated is not a binary or static state, but a dynamic and complex process that involves multiple factors and dimensions. There is no definitive answer, but some general patterns have been observed across different countries and time periods (ergo, Jesus and the Beatles). Here are some of the main points: Education is associated with more liberal opinions on a number of issues, such as social equality, human rights, environmental protection, and multiculturalism. This may be because education exposes people to different perspectives and values, and encourages them to think critically and independently. The effects of education on political opinions can vary depending on the level of economic development and the type of political system in a country. For example, in developed democracies, education tends to shift people’s views to the left, while in less developed or authoritarian countries, education may have a weaker or even opposite effect. The gap between more and less educated adults in terms of their political values has widened over the past two decades, especially in the United States. This may be due to the increasing polarization of the political parties, the growing influence of the media and social networks, and the changing nature of the labor market. Education also influences how people participate in politics. Generally, more educated people are more likely to vote, join political organizations, and engage in civic activities than less educated people. However, this relationship may also depend on other factors, such as political interest, trust, and efficacy.

So, both Jesus and The Beatles were woke and that means they aren’t to be trusted or liked or concerned with unless as a good Christian you are able to cherry-pick your beliefs well enough to throw out the stupid, bad, libtard Jesus shit and only focus on the anti-woke parts. And if you are a music lover, only listen to the Beatle’s music that fits well into an anti-woke view of the world, songs like:

“Well, I'd rather see you dead, little girl
Than to be with another man
You better keep your head, little girl
Or I won't know where I am”

Or even Rocky Racoon, maybe, or Maxwell’s Silver Hammer I don’t know, just nothing Woke. Because as we all know Woke is bad. Woke makes you a homo or something and to be woke is to be like a Negro from the 1940’s, right? Clearly, that's a terrible thing.

I dunno. But to think I used to think Jesus was okay. I used to like the Beatles music, pretty much all of it. I even used to think that caring about other people and loving others and being generous and kind and caring wasn’t necessarily a bad thing — I guess you could have called me woke. For a few years I was even led astray into believing that Education, for the most part, couldn’t hurt you too much. Thank goodness I came to my senses.